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PC Tekken 7 Input Frame Count Display Mod

Timing specific move inputs or combos can be difficult but here's a handy new mod for the PC version of Tekken 7 to help out. Altimor recently released his Input Frame Count Display Mod on Github which will display a small number above the command history in the training mode of Tekken 7 that indicates the frame timing of each input. The Mod itself is a separate code injector program so you have to launch Tekken 7 first then later the mode exe to activate it. Once you have it working though, enjoy some extra data to hopefully help you get some of the more advanced execution stuff in Tekken down. Hopefully this eventually leads into a full blown frame data mod for the PC version? Big thanks go to Altimor for making the mod, you can download it over here:

Tekken 7 Input Frame Count Display Mod ≫


Early Tekken 7 Eliza Frame Data Document From Kane

Tekken 7 is almost here but that doesn't stop early copies circulating out there. Thanks to Kane and his fast investigative work, we have some early Eliza frame data that will be a handy reference for those scouting out the Pre-Order DLC character. It's worth mentioning that you can face Eliza in both the online and offline modes in Tekken 7 if you don't own her yet so this will also help serve you as anti-character info. Just note that the frame data is early and can be subject to change in the future. You can check out the online google document with her movelist and frame data for yourself over here:

Tekken 7 Eliza Frame Data ≫


Complete Tekken 7 Frame Data Translated by Ranking Battles Norway

Ranking Battles Norway (or RBNorway for short) has recently completed its first version of frame data translation and listed them onto their website. All of the frame data you see there is translated from the Japanese community wiki site inatekken making RBNorway a more easier web page to navigate for the English reading Tekken community. If you plan on playing Tekken 7 in the future and need a quick way to pull up frame data from the game, here is a handy bookmark to have.



T7FR - Most of the Characters New Moves with Frame Data

I say most because only Nina and Akuma are missing here. Apart from that, Ika on twitter has slowly been churning out videos of most of the character's new moves and have frame data notes added along with them. He's now done with all the characters he's tested and uploaded everything from his twitter into 3 part videos on his channel. There's a balance update coming to arcades tomorrow with Bob so keep in mind some things here might change but I doubt there's going to be any big changes. You can check out Ika's channel here:

Ika channel ≫

Twitter ≫

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BLACK★KNEE Kumite Videos By Kuro Kuro

Kurokuro uploaded a series of videos featuring several US players up against Knee during his stay at Las Vegas for EVO 2013. There's also some extensive video editing featured within these videos as frame data on the player's moves is displayed within the matches. You can watch all the matches below and you can find more Black★ series of videos up on Kurokuro's YouTube channel.

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