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Harada & Murray Stream Q&A Session During Evo Day 1

EVO 2016 is well underway with Tekken 7 finals starting in a hour from now but during the Tekken stream for Day 1, Michael Murray and Katsuhiro Harada were both briefly on commentary and answering questions from the stream chat. It wasn't too long of a session though but there's multiple points of interest in regards to Tekken 7 that you may have missed if you didn't happen to catch it live. The session begins at around the 2 hour, 40 minute and 30 second mark of this Twitch archive but I have written most of the topics from the session down below if you want to just read it.

Twitch archive ≫

▌Evo 2016 Day 1 Archive (Pools)
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▌Q&A Session Summary
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Murray: "No stoners allowed in Japan."


  • Japanese National Tournament

Last year we had the King Of Iron Fist Tournament and it was held in our office in Tokyo so for this year they announced in June that we're having a King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016. The top two from EVO 2016 will be brought out again to compete in the tournament in Japan at the end of the year. There's qualifiers in Japan for the event in various parts of Japan. Other then that there is not much else to say at the moment. Perhaps looking into a way to link it to the tournaments in the US or find something to do for European players because we do want to make it more global. Hopefully more details for you guys later.

  • Can you please include move type explanations in the movelist (Launchers, homing etc.)

Maybe. I think for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we had that in the movelist so for that, I think there's a good chance.

  • Release Date (Tekken 7)

Early 2017. That's all we have for you at the moment.

  • Tekken Tunes

It's pretty difficult for PS4 system. Because of the way you incorporate music into the consoles (With USB storage or Hard disk.) You could do that for PS3 but for PS4, we'd have to find another way. So I don't know. It's pretty difficult this time.

  • Will there be Tekken 4 costumes for Tekken 7?

Harada mentioned that Tekken 4 costumes were not popular. Murray said he liked Tekken 5 and Harada said Tekken 5 was popular.

  •  Who's the best character?

Harada answered with "Feng is best for me." Katarina if you're a beginner player with Murray pointing out the easy inputs and Akuma is good for Street Fighter players. (Street Fighter 4 ver.) He also has some Tekken only moves in Tekken 7. (while standing attacks for example)

  • We want a Steam Beta

Murray: I know a lot of people have recently been saying this. I think Street Fighter did this where you pre-ordered before the game's release.

"I would like to but, it's difficult. Because we have to stop development to do that. If (Tekken 7) was scheduled for maybe fall or winter of next year then maybe but it's early so it doesn't give us a whole lot of time."

  • Where's Tekken Ball

Harada made that mode about 20 years ago. Harada wants something new, maybe new game or such.

Murray: "Tekken Golf might be fun haha"

  • Can you please include Frame Data (in-game)

This is often asked, we should probably explain why we don't. This discussion has came up a lot in the past but some of reasons why we didn't do it was because, it might seem like the game was daunting to new players who feel they have to learn all of these numbers and also we wanted players to explore the game to find it out like with combos when you first pick it up so if you just boil it down to numbers right away, we're worried that that might take away from the game. I mean when you are talking about a large audience. Obviously we do understand the players that do go to tournaments or these kind of 'Pros' would really like the data so Harada was saying that frame data is not something everyone is wanting.

Murray: "So I don't know, maybe if it was added as DLC like if you had to pay for it, then we could perhaps satisfy that type of crowd. So it's not totally off the table I guess you could say."

Harada's argument was that you buy Strategy guides right? So why not the frame data. (That could be the real Harada or the troll Harada haha.)

  • Do you play Pokemon Go?

That's a big thing at the moment but it's not out in Japan right now. So all you guys on Twitter are all going crazy about the stuff and we want to play but it's not out yet. Maybe this month.

  • Will there be a full Practice mode in online mode while waiting for matches?

Murray: "We know it's a good idea so it could be possible."

  • Unlockable characters

Murray: "All we can say for the characters though is that, this isn't all of them that we've shown off yet so there's stuff to look forward too.

  • Bring back past Tekken games to PC

That's a very popular comment we see. We realize that ports of the previous titles to PC would be something you guys would like but the thing that's slowing us down if we were to do it is that a lot of the code (for older Tekken games) were written for proprietary boards on older PlayStation architecture and the games themselves were PlayStation only for quite some time so it's not a PC base like it is now. It would take some time to port these titles and our resources are currently busy with making the console versions of this game (Tekken 7.)

Murray: "We realize it's something you guys would like to see but it's difficult at the moment."

  • About Arcade Sticks on Tekken 7 boards

The boards currently support PS4 arcade sticks, PS4 DualShocks and 360 controllers. No Xbox One and PS3 sticks either. For PS4 it's not for all the sticks because the drivers change periodically like in previous Tekken tours events where the MadCatz TE2 stick would work but not the TE2+ with the touchpad so we had to update it recently and now for tournaments those work. For the most part we have most of the major sticks covered like the Horis but there are a few that still don't work and in that case we do have sticks on deck that you can borrow.

  • Arcade Stick compatibility on Tekken 7 consoles

For consoles it's a different story, we'll have more information on that later. I know for Street Fighter V and Skullgirls they used a driver that was put out for older arcade sticks to use so we are looking into it and I'll have more details on that when we have that locked down.

  • Harada-san how much did you pay for your glasses?

Harada: "I paid over $2000 dollars for my sunglasses. I have 6 sunglasses."


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