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TEKKEN 7 Famitsu Site Opens - Story Background for New Characters Revealed

Famitsu has opened a dedicated page for their coverage of TEKKEN 7 during TGS 2016 and they have the story background for the new characters in the game. It details the basic overall lore for the characters and gives you an idea why they've entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7. Gonna add a quick note that usually when you read character background lore they have a flavorful style of text to them but I'm going to unofficially translate these bios until they are released officially in English. You can read the source of the backgrounds in Japanese over on Famitsu Tekken 7 page.

Famitsu TEKKEN 7 coverage ≫

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Tekken 7 - Gigas Movelist Rundown

Korea recently updated with Gigas and Yoshimitsu in arcades so I can now complete the next rundown. So let's start with what we know about Gigas. He's a big red hulking character with long tubing flailing around taking a rather large portion of the screen, especially when there's 2 Gigas on screen. Most of the movelist is reminiscent of Marduk's movelist but there's sizable adjustments to it with new stances like the Goliath run and several of his own new moves. Once again for this rundown, I'll be using the character movelist video done by Game Plaza Gao and the official movelist on the Korean tekken-net website.

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Tekken 7 - Gigas in Practice Mode Videos

Gigas was released today in Japanese arcades and we now have footage of Gigas in Practice mode with the players going over the movelists. Footage is of course, thanks to Guntama's Miracle In Arcade and Yuki Non's YouTube channels respectively. Additionally, Ravenboy who is in Japan put together a small movelist table comparing Gigas' moves to other Tekken characters which you can consult here.

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