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Tekken 7 Version 1.07 Update Includes Balance Changes & New Character Art Panels

If you're reading this, then go and update Tekken 7 right now. Version 1.07 just launched on Steam and PS4s and it includes all the balance changes made to the game in the recent Version N update for arcades. In addition to the balance changes, an assortment of character panel artwork created by various artist were also added into the game and as of right now currently locked in the game but should unlock for everyone soon. These artwork panels were revealed back in San-Diego Comic Con but have now made their way into the game as of today. Here's a gallery of all the new artwork added. For the official patch notes on Version 1.07, check out the Bandai Namco US post on the Steam forums.

Patch Notes 1.07 ≫

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Gallery - High Resolution Tekken 7 Character CG Renders

Direct from Bandai Namco. It's not an absolutely complete gallery since the Tekken 7 FR costume update renders aren't available but this is the a large batch of renders including the vanilla costumes. These images or assets are helpful if you plan to do any kind of art work like posters, banners or even arcade stick art and need a high resolution source of the Tekken 7 characters. Smaller images of all the renders are inside here and links to download full size versions of the images are available in the bracketed links. Data warning for those on mobile data or dial-up, there's plenty of images to be found inside.

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Bandai Namco's Fighting Games Panel at SD-CC 2016

Once again Bandai Namco put together a Fighting Games Panel at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend to have discussions with the fans on their fighting game franchises. For the Tekken side, new Tekken related merchandise were made available to buy including a new $450 'Tekken Sukajan' jacket that has reversible sides with distinct artwork. For Soul Calibur, this was merely a discussion with the fans so I hope you didn't expect some crazy new announcements (haha.) N8nmonster and Chindogg on Twitter were there in the crowd and covered most of the things at the panel so I'll be rounding their tweets together for everyone not at SD-CC. If you're interested in the new Tekken Jacket, pre-orders are now available on the Bandai Namco online store:

Tekken Sukajan: "Heihachi" version ≫

n8nmonster ≫

Chindogg ≫

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Gallery - Tekken 7 Character Panel Art by jbstyle

This is a gallery of all the Tekken 7 character panel art created by jbstyle. Jbstyle was brought on the Tekken project team to commission artwork for all the characters to use in their in-game character art panel as well as design the art on the EVO 2014 & 2015 T-shirt bonus. You can check out Jbstyle's official website here and follow him on twitter here:

jbstyle. ≫

Twitter ≫

Further reading: SD-CC 2015 report & T7 character art panel announcement. Smaller images in this gallery will be replaced once I find larger / original images.

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Tekken 7 - Character Panel Art Customization Now Available

A new update on the tekken-official website details the newly added feature of customizing your character's art panel in the game. This feature was introduced in TTT2 with artworks from artists: Junny, Shunya Yamashita & Tomio Fujisawa and they all return to add new artwork pieces to Tekken 7. A new artist named Jbstyle was brought in this time for Tekken 7 and you may remember him from the San Diego Comic Con panel this year. All the character's artworks for Tekken 7 is being slowly rolled out with Jbstyle's artwork being available to use first but the character art from Junny, Yamashita & Fujisawa wil be available in the near future. If you happen to be in Japan and playin Tekken 7, you can earn the artwork yourselves with the current Tekken net campaign.

Tekken-Official ≫

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