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Namco Sugamo 'Megane Off' Tekken Competition Match Videos

Back on new year's eve last year, Namco Sugamo hosted a tournament run by the resident Lee/Jin player Shudy. The Megane (lit. 'Glasses') Off ran TTT2 arcades with a new format of team tournament with the player pairings based on a system of 'Ratio' levels. The 4 ratio levels are simply based on the ranks each player has and then the teams were formed to balance out the skill level. Lower ratio players had higher number of players on their team while the higher ratio players had less players on their team or be by themselves. You can see a ratio 4 team (just Nobi) VS a team of 4x Ratio 1 players on the image above. The event was not streamed but Shudy got around to uploading the match footage on his YouTube channel. The videos were recorded with Namco Sugamo recording equipment so expect the usual booty nico quality.

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