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New Tekken 7 Announcement will be made at the Namco Sugamo Cup

Katsuhiro Harada just tweeted that the upcoming Namco Sugamo Cup event this weekend will feature an appearance by Harada himself and also that he will be bringing a new announcement regarding Tekken 7 with him to the event! The Namco Sugamo Cup for those who don't know, is a 3 day event that the Namco Sugamo arcade in Japan is running that features a True Tekken God, Nobi VS Take 'concept match', followed by a 3on3 tournament then lastly a beginner tournament over the span of 3 days. The Namco Sugamo Cup is occurring this weekend starting from the Saturday up until the Monday in Japan at the Namco Sugamo game center with the Tekken 7 announcement being made and streamed on niconico during the 3on3 Tournament event. Since it's on niconico, I'll be sure to put up the archives on YouTube eventually.

Sugamo Cup - Nobi VS Take Match URL

Sugamo Cup - 3on3 Tournament URL (ft Tekken 7 news!)

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