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Tekken 7 - Sugamo Location Test Day 3 YouTube Archive 

The final day of location test for Tekken 7 is now over and I've uploaded the entire nico stream from it at NAmco Sugamo onto YouTube. This with the previous stream archive comes to a total of over 10 hours worth of Tekken 7 footage available for viewing on the internet. Enjoy everyone. Commentary performed by Jackller (Tekken Bancho), HinoP & Nobi with special guest Katsuhiro Harada appearing later into the video.

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Tekken 7 - Nipponbashi Location Test Day 2 YouTube Archive

I've finally got the complete archive of the 2nd day of Tekken 7 Location test in the Namco Nipponbashi arcade up on YouTube! There's 5 and a half hours of Tekken 7 footage that was streamed on niconico to go through here for those who missed it. Commentary of the stream was done by Jackller (Tekken Bancho), HinoP & Yuu. Big thanks goes to those guys for streaming it on Namco's official niconico channel.

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October Tekken 7 Location Test Niconico Streams

The upcoming debut of the new Tekken game is this weekend! Bandai Namco's marketing employee HinoP tweeted out the niconico stream URL for the location tests that is being held in Namco Sugamo and Namco Nipponbashi arcades in Japan on 4th and 5th of October. Nobi will be commentating the stream at Namco Sugamo while Yuu is going to Osaka's Nipponbashi arcade to perform stream commentary. You'll need to create a niconico account to watch the stream but it is easy to quickly create one here. If you can't catch the streams live, I will be recording them and uploading them to YouTube at a later date. You can watch the upcoming Tekken 7 location test at the following URLs:

Oct 4 Nipponbashi Tekken 7 Location Test

Oct 5 Sugamo Tekken 7 Location Test


Additionally, Bandai Namco is holding a Autumn 'New Products' Business Meeting that will exhibit the new Tekken 7 and Time Crisis 5 games at the following places on these dates:

Tokyo - 20th and 21st of October

Fukuoka - 24th of October

Osaka - 28th & 29th of October


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New Female Character Revealed for Tekken 7

Revealed on the Madcatz TGS stream.

  • Named 'Catalina.'
  • Playable at the upcoming October location tests.
  • From Latin America.
  • 'Beginner friendly' character.
  • Sassy mouthed talker, will be vocal in-game.
  • Fighting style is Savate.

Additional Tekken 7 related info revealed:

Tekken 7 will feature 2 new 'systems' added into the game. The team is focused on bringing back 'Tekken's true essence' into Tekken 7 after Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which was devoted to the hardcore playerbase.

There is another 'yet to be revealed' character to be playable at the October location test, is described to have an emphasis on a new mechanic which the Tekken team hasn't tried before but you may be familiar with in 2D fighting games.

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Tekken 7 Location Test Announced, Will Be Held in Japanese Namco Arcades in October!

Just announced on the Namco Sugamo Cup stream by Katsuhiro Harada, the location test for the new Tekken 7 will be held in Japanese arcades in October next month. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of October, Namco Sugamo arcade in Tokyo and the Namco Nipponbashi arcade in Osaka will house Tekken 7 cabinets and allow people to play the new game on free play mode. Tekken 7 will include the ability to play against opponents locally in the arcade and also online against other players at different arcades through the internet. Players at the arcades will also be able to collect special designer banapass cards with the Tekken 7 render of Kazuya & Heihachi. You can look forward to camera video uploads and maybe a possible niconico stream of Tekken 7 in October.

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