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Tekken 7 PC - Twilight Conflict, Infinite Azure & Mishima Building Stage Mods

Devianart User GODLIKE99KINGZ has recently contributed stage mods on the PC version of Tekken 7 and they give different colour tones for some of the stages. There's 3 stage mods to download and they are; 'Twilight Retribution' which gives the stage similiar colours compared to the original Tekken 7 vanilla version of the stage, 'Mishima Building Fury' which is pretty similiar with the orange hue and then 'Infinite Aurora Borealis' which offers 3 colour variations for the Infinite Azure stage. If you fancy any of these stage mods, you can download them over on the DeviantArt page:

Twilight Retribution Download ≫

Mishima Building Fury Download ≫

Infinite Aurora Borealis Download ≫

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Tekken 7 Screenshots of New Arena & G Corp. Helipad Stages

Arrived alongside the Eddy Gordo reveal! Arena is pretty similar to the older Arena styled stages in Tekken with it's octagonal shape and this time has been adorned with The King of Iron Fist details. The G Corp Helipad is a new stage that features a weather transition in between the round as well as expands to a bigger shape when the walls are broken on the far sides. Check out the images below!

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TEKKEN 7 Included in Bandai Namco's Tokyo Game Show 2016 Line-up

Bandai Namco recently published their line-up of games at Tokyo Game Show this year and Tekken 7 is on the list. From the TGS web page that Bandai Namco put up, the game will be playable at the event, have a new promotional video (trailer) be shown off and have a stage show that is going to be streamed live so there's lots to look forward to soon in September. Alongside this, the Tekken-Official website also put up a page dedicated to the home versions of Tekken 7 and it looks like it's going to be the main page for Tekken 7 in the future. A minor detail to include but the TEKKEN 7 logo got updated there (Not just plain white font this time.) Tokyo Game Show 2016 is taking place in Chiba, Japan on September 15 - 18.

Bandai Namco TGS 2016 ≫



TEKKEN 7 - New Stage & Story Mode Details From Gamescom

Announced at Gamescom alongside Lee Chaolan is further news on the game's Story Mode. New batch of screenshots from Tekken 7 show off portions of the Story Mode that retells the older history from the Tekken and reveals why things went down in the series. The game's Story Mode is said to be several hours long and as you progress through it, you can unlock sub plots for the other characters in the game such as Claudio's story and his group of Exorcists. There's even specific Story Mode costumes for characters such as the new suit for Heihachi that you can use while playing through the mode. The images from the story mode including the new stage are up on the BNE Europe press site but we have them here for everyone to see below!

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Gallery - SoulCalibur Concept Art by Passion Republic

Passion Republic is described as a young and unique studio from Malaysia that has contributed works to game developers with CG cinematics and next gen game characters and assets. Most notably, they have done work on several big name games such as Dark Souls 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Gears of War and more. They've recently uploaded new concept art onto their website and while they're not named, they look to be artwork for the Soul Calibur series. We don't want to lead anyone into thinking these are for a new Soul Calibur but who knows. Cool artwork regardless. You can check them out on the Passion Republic website:

Passion Republic

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