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Soul Calibur 6 Features a New 'Reversal Edge' Battle Mechanic

Wondering what was going on in the reveal trailer for Soul Calibur 6? Word from Bandai Namco have come down to describe the new battle system in place for this time around. SC6 features a mechanic called the 'Reversal Edge' and it is described as a way for combatants to clash against each other and be able to perform powerful counterattacks based on the opponent's action. Soul Calibur 6 is said to take place during the 16th century and will revisit the events of the original SOULCALIBUR. Both new and old fighters will be featured in the roster with our first two confirmed characters being Mitsurugi & Sophitia. Soul Calibur 6 is slated to release for PS4/XB1 & PC in 2018. Announcement Press Release below.

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TEKKEN 7 - Coming Out Early 2017 For PS4, XB1 & PC

The news is finally out - TEKKEN 7 is coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One & the PC platform in early 2017! Tekken 7 is the latest in the long running fighting game franchise and it is the first time a Tekken game will be out on PCs. Tekken 7 will feature over 30 characters at launch powered by Unreal Engine 4 allowing stunning cinematics during gameplay. Experience the story and unveil the big conclusion to the Mishima saga with Tekken 7!

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