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T7FR - MBC's Highlights Video Episode 14

That huge wall slide is probably the funniest clip, still amazed that's still in the game from first seeing it back at the Tekken 7.0 exhibition tournament 2 years ago. And of course as usual, check out the full video as well as MBC's channel here:

MBC Tekken ≫

Highlights playlist ≫

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T7FR - Match Videos with Pro Girl Gamer Tanukana from Kuro Kuro's Stream

Cyclops Osaka pro gamer Tanukana recently hopped on the machines to play sets with high level Japanese players. It's Tanukana's Xiaoyu up against Japan's highest ranked Hwoarang and the Mastercup comeback legend Pecos (Pekosu) in these long match sets. This was all streamed live on Kuro Kuro's Twitch channel but the YouTube archive is now available for viewing. Check it out and I've also added timestamps below if you wanted to navigate to a specific match.

Kuro Kuro's YouTube channel ≫

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T7FR - Akuma Combo Video Act 2 By CrazyDongPal

An old Mishima playing legend taking the guest character for a ride. Here's the latest Combo Act from Crazy Dongpal showcasing what Akuma can do in the game. Footage is courtesy of Knee's YouTube channel.

Knee's YouTube channel ≫

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Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Ver. H Tier List from 20 Japanese Players

The results are in, survey says these are the characters in the tier list that 20 Expert level Tekken players in Japan decided on. This is of course just a single list but it combines the individual character placings that most of the players agreed on and averages them out in an easy to see visual. The Tier listing was carried out by MASTERCUP and is centered on Version H of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution which is currently the latest version of the game in arcades. The image you see above are all the names of the players that contributed to the list and you can see the actual character rankings below and over on the official MASTERCUP website.

T7FR Character Ranking Ver. H ≫

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IGN Video Interview with Japanese Pro Tekken Player Nobi

Famed Tekken Instructor Nobi recently got interviewed by the IGN crew during their visit to the Namco Sugamo arcade in Tokyo, Japan. The video interview to come from this gives us a more close and personal look as to how Nobi got into the Tekken series and how he managed to eventually turn it into a career by getting employed by the arcade to teach players the ropes in Tekken. Nowadays Nobi can still be found giving new players Tekken lectures alongside his fellow Yamasa sponsored Tekken players; Yuu and Take. You can catch Nobi streaming various games with Yuu over on their gaming Twitch channel.

IGN Video interview ≫

Nobi's Twitter ≫

Yuu & Nobi's Twitch Channel ≫

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