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Raphael & Cervantes Appear in Soul Calibur 6 Character Select Screen Leak

An image has surfaced online of what looks to be a further updated select screen image from Soul Calibur 6! We can see both returning characters Raphael and Cervantes in-game sporting their new looks along what appears to be adjustments to some slots on the roster to maybe accommodate for DLC? The image is said to have been taken from a build being used at the Melbourne Esports Open event which is taking place this weekend in Melbourne, Australia so maybe their official reveals may be just right around the corner. We'll keep you posted if we happen to see more including maybe a video.

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Tekken 7 to Receive Second Season Pass alongside New 'Welcome Price' Edition

Word of a second Season Pass for Tekken 7 has leaked out, as a cheaper value edition of the game has come forward thanks to a Japanese video game schedule manager. Arriving on September 6, Bandai Namco is releasing a 'Welcome Price!!' edition in Japan which is a discounted version of a game much like the 'Greatest Hits' range of games. It's a version of the game that entices people that haven't gotten the game yet to jump in at a lower price point. Pre-orders of the 'Welcome Price' edition of Tekken 7 is said to come with a discount coupon that can be used for the game's first Season Pass (Tekken Bowling, Geese and Noctis) and the second Season Pass which hasn't been formally announced yet. There's no word on whether markets outside of Japan will receive something similiar like a discounted or 'complete' edition of Tekken 7 but keep your eyes out soon for the upcoming formal Season Pass 2 announcement.

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Report: Eddy Leaked for Tekken 7 from Press Event in Brazil

Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray are in Brazil now attending a press event and word is seeping out onto the internet on what was presented there. According to a friend of a person who was present, Eddy was revealed at the conference and the image you see above was the best picture he could get of the character while it was being shown off. The news here managed to circulate onto certain Facebook pages (Thanks TEKKENBR) but the image you see above is currently the best to work with. Capoiera fans I hope you're happy, and I hope ch b+1,4 isn't back this time around. We'll follow this up with the official reveal when it happens. (Or not and I end up looking stupid.)

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Potential Leak: Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition Details & Pre-Order Character Eliza

With details on Tekken 7 to come really really soon, a new online game listing for Tekken 7 has come forward early with some rather specific details on a Deluxe Edition for Tekken 7. Going by what is there, the site states that the Deluxe Edition comes with 2 additional characters (DLC?), a new game mode, hundreds of additional character costumes and also 30 metallic costumes. For Pre-ordering the game, it is said that the vampire character Eliza from Tekken Revolution will be there for players to get their hands on before anyone else. These are oddly specific details to mention for Tekken 7 so it's very possible that these were game content details for stores to advertise for the game making the GamesPlanet link a leak. You can check out the source for all these details over here:

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Thanks goes to Kazmania on twitter for the notice.