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Rumor: More DLC Character References Discovered Inside Soul Calibur 6

It was previously discovered that Amy and Cassandra were referenced as DLC characters in Soul Calibur 6 but with the newest 1.11 patch, six brand new references were added to the game's code. The DLC characters are not named outright but, they all have codenames instead, which has led online Soulcalibur communities to speculate as to who they all might be. The names might be a bit vague, but there are some similiarities to certain SC characters that aren't currently in the game yet so there is some basis to the guessing. Kinda. Well, once again, this is all rumor-milling and speculation for the time being so do take note. We haven't gotten official confirmation of Amy and Cassandra being DLC characters in the game yet too.

DLC Reference Discovery Post ≫


▌Soul Calibur 6 DLC References
 ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄

Reference: pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor.pak

File Destination: SoulcaliburVI\Config\DefaultEditor.ini

+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_CASSANDRA,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "4330548E48FC4A63C10025B7A2DB05E1", "DLC2"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_AMY,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "E0D41BB848CDE634D4DF518D8E5EB090", "DLC3"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_STONE,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "7B0E58294CD4C85FA5D35FA717978AE0", "DLC4"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_YELL,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "79D6CD03424337BC682B9E991FBA703F", "DLC5"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_STAR,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "CA271D944DFA2167AFC12DAFDD393B2B", "DLC6"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_SNOW,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "1251B58745E2466D7CE296B65D76B7EF", "DLC7"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_REPTILE,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "C6C36ED149DF6C1CF986E49A9F34F26F", "DLC8"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_YELLOW,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "FDC6BAC344C5204386DBBAA6FA1C635D", "DLC9"))


  • STONE - The character Rock.
  • YELL - Hilde with all the shouting she does with her moves?
  • STAR - Algol is the name of a star in the Perseus constellation.
  • SNOW - Setsuka's name in Japanese has a character that can be read as 'Snow'.
  • REPTILE - Lizardman.
  • YELLOW - Hwang's name in Hanja can be translated as 'Yellow'.

Thanks goes to Autumn and Koenji for the findings.

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