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Summary of Project Soul Talk Event from Evo Japan

A Project Soul Talk Event took place during Evo Japan and the dev team behind Soul Calibur 6 took the opportunity to sit down and chat with the community directly. There were no streams for the discussion but we have reports and photos from the event detailing everything that got mentioned. Topics included were changes coming to the online and matchmaking, QOL improvements, further game content drops and several other stuff. A summary in the form of a numbered list comes courtesy of Burnout6010 on the SC6 Steam forums.

Talk Event Summary from Steam Forums ≫

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Rest in Peace, Kazuaki "BKC" Tsukagoshi

BKC at Namco Sugamo (Image from his Twitter.)

It is with great sadness to present news that the Tekken player Kazuaki Tsukagoshi, or "BKC" as we all know him, passed away this last Saturday. His family had discovered him deceased in his room after he did not come down for breakfast in the early morning of February 9, 2019.

In his early days with the Tekken series, BKC gained recognition as one of the best Bryan Fury players from Japan with his defense and fluid movement which remains rock-solid in even the most stressful of situations in deathmatches and tournaments. BKC was a common name to see if you looked up the list of high-ranking players in Japan across multiple arcade Tekken games. During the days of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, his Tekken skills would later find him working at arcades like Game Plaza GAO Kitasenju and Namco Sugamo where he would help support the arcade community by running many local tournaments and hosting Tekken lectures to help newer players learn the game. It was thanks to his support that we have countless hours of early arcade footage and even learning resources back when the world didn't have access to Tekken 7.

In recent times, BKC would go on to become a sponsored Pro Tekken player traveling to overseas tournaments like EVO and StrongStyle while attached to the Walker Gaming team.

The Tekken community is deeply saddened by his loss and he will be gravely missed. May you rest easy BKC.

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Preview Images of New Character Creation Items from Soul Calibur 6's Third DLC Pack

UPDATE: 27 new images from Bandai Namco Taiwan's Facebook page have now been added.

Promotional images of Soul Calibur 6's third armor pack DLC have been spotted online over on Bandai Namco Taiwan's Instagram page. Not sure if it's a mistake but here's a small preview of the new creation pieces that were posted online. There's still no word on when these DLC Pack 3 costumes are coming out just yet but we should know soon™ enough. Instagram message translated into English:

New Year, New clothes! "SOULCALIBUR VI" 3rd wave DLC screen is the first to watch!

Add a variety of clothing, accessories, and welcome the New Year with a new look!

Bandai Namco Taiwan Instagram Post ≫

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Rumor: More DLC Character References Discovered Inside Soul Calibur 6

It was previously discovered that Amy and Cassandra were referenced as DLC characters in Soul Calibur 6 but with the newest 1.11 patch, six brand new references were added to the game's code. The DLC characters are not named outright but, they all have codenames instead, which has led online Soulcalibur communities to speculate as to who they all might be. The names might be a bit vague, but there are some similiarities to certain SC characters that aren't currently in the game yet so there is some basis to the guessing. Kinda. Well, once again, this is all rumor-milling and speculation for the time being so do take note. We haven't gotten official confirmation of Amy and Cassandra being DLC characters in the game yet too.

DLC Reference Discovery Post ≫

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Soul Calibur 6 Ver 1.11 Balance Changes Revealed, Update Arrives January 17

Update: Full Patch notes are now up on the Bandai Namco EU website!

Soul Calibur 6's Version 1.11 update is now coming January 17, as announced on the Soul Calibur twitter account. This update will bring a big wave of balance changes to the cast as well as some further bug fixing to polish up the game further more. Full details on the update aren't out yet but you can check out all the balance changes that Motohiro Okubo posted on his Twitter.

Version 1.11 Patch Notes ≫

Document of Balance Changes ≫

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