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TTT2: An Additional 3 Hours Of Furumizu VS Yuu Matches

Yep, another long set of matches between Furumizu and Yuu that spans over 3 hours have just been uploaded to the nico video site. Thanks goes to Yuu and Nobi for streaming and capturing the matches for those that missed out. You can check out all the action below.

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TTT2: Over 3 Hours of Ancient Water vs Yuu Matches

Two high level players from Japan recently streamed over 3 hours worth of matches over the Nico Video site. Ancient Water or more popularly known as Furumizu, goes up against Yuu in an extensive set of matches that spans several videos that are recommended viewing. You can find the matches embedded below.

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TTT2: Mastercup Japanese 2v2 Footage Featuring JDCR

 has uploaded footage from a recent Japanese TTT2 tournament featuring JDCR put up against Japan's top players. 

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