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TTT2: Throw Break Training and Theory 

This is a throw break tutorial as well a guide on how to train for throw breaks. I will be uploading daily tutorials of this sort so make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel HERE

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TTT2: Raw Tag Safety Tutorial

A short tutorial explaining the risk involved in raw tagging in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I will be uploading short tutorials like this daily so make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel HERE

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TTT2: Rage and Tag Crash Tutorial

My attempt at a tutorial on the Rage system as well as the Tag Crash mechanic available in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Subscribe to our youtube channel HERE

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TTT2 Beginner's Guide - Unit 5: Tag System

Finally, the last topic to cover the basis of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the tag system itself. This is the first sequel to the orignal Tekken Tag Tournament and Namco took major strides in making this game much more grandeur than its predecessor. Not only does it introduce a brand new mechanic which looks flashy as hell, but promotes an onslaught of creativity that will ensure the legs of this game for the future and beyond.

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TTT2 Beginner's Guide - Unit 4: Crush System and Okizeme

The remainder of the core solo mechanics outside of the tag system involve knowledge about stances, the crush system low parries, netsu, but most importantly of all, the wakeup system. I saved Wake Up & Okizeme till now so everyone can appreciate the reasons why Tekken goes into so much detail in giving the player options complementing the way all the other mechanics in the previous sections were handled by Namco.

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