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Tekken 7 - Korean Player MBC's King Lecture on YouTube

MBC from Korea is a King player who you may remember seeing participate at the Twitch Tekken Crash event and recently he put out a lecture video on the character King in Tekken 7. It's interesting to look at because normally we don't get this sort of video content from countries that play the game while it's still exclusively in arcades. It's usually just hour long match videos. Anyway, the uploader Nobasin also contributed English subtitles to the video so you may actually learn a thing or two from the lecture now. Although, the subtitles are kinda looking a little Engrish....


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TTT2 - Advanced Wall Combo Tutorial by LukeLive

Even though the Tekken 7 beta release happens in a couple of days, there's still plenty of great content left for TTT2. One of the most enigmatic mechanics of Tag2 is the wall system considering how many variables at play. LukeLive made a fantastic and well organized video showcasing the different intricacies the wall system has and how to take advantage of it for the most amount of damage.

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TTT2: Tag Assault Tutorial by Ramza

TZ member RSRamza uploaded a really handy video going over the various nuances pertaining to tag assaults in order to make the most out of them. A definite watch for beginners and veterans alike, the video is embedded below.

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TTT2: UltraChenTV First Attack & Level 3 Focus with Special Guest RIP

The duo of Ultra David and James Chen return with their weekly program of tutorials and strategy discussion for enything fighting game related called First Attack and Level 3 Focus. This week they put a speical for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and they had RIP in attendence as a special guest to guide both of them through the basics and analysis of match videos. See both segments after the jump

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TTT2: Double Over and Nosebleed Tutorial

Todays tutorial explains how to break out of DOS and nosebleed stuns in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I've already gotten some really good suggestions via comments for tutorials. I'll keep them coming if you guys do. Please make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel

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