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Tekken 7: T6-Bound at the Wall Does Not Guarantee Damage

Earlier Wonkey posted on twitter how the new T6-bound effect still allowed you to quick get up after. However, we weren't sure if damage could still be done or not, thankfully Sodam's videos showed an instance of it not working confirming that the wall combo extender mechanics from the previous games do not exist anymore. Thanks to @EvilBowlOfCereal for highlighting this.


TTT2 - Advanced Wall Combo Tutorial by LukeLive

Even though the Tekken 7 beta release happens in a couple of days, there's still plenty of great content left for TTT2. One of the most enigmatic mechanics of Tag2 is the wall system considering how many variables at play. LukeLive made a fantastic and well organized video showcasing the different intricacies the wall system has and how to take advantage of it for the most amount of damage.

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TR: Wall Combo Ranking by Golden Eggs

I love these heirarchical combo videos. Golden Eggs does it again but this time outlining each character's damage potential at the wall. It doesn't have every character since he hasn't unlocked all of them yet, but it's still interesting to see.

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