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TTT2 - Japanese All Stars Combo Video

A massive collaboration between many of Japan's premiere combo makers was recently uploaded online on clockup15931's channel. TTT2's combo system never ceases to amaze me.

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TR: King 100 PWR vs 200 PWR by Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs did the second part of his combo series exhibiting the impact of Tekken Revolution's RPG mechanics. The first part was about Kazuya, this time witness the power of grapplers.

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TR: Kazuya 100 PWR vs 200 PWR by Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs once again shows a very practical combo video outlining the magnitude with which the RPG mechanics of Tekken Revolution impact the combo damage. He's show a lot of key moves, grabs, and juggles for each. Enjoy the vid below.

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TR: Wall Combo Ranking by Golden Eggs

I love these heirarchical combo videos. Golden Eggs does it again but this time outlining each character's damage potential at the wall. It doesn't have every character since he hasn't unlocked all of them yet, but it's still interesting to see.

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