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TTT2 Combo Video Round up

Check out some crazy TTT2 combo action below. Videos by , , , , and

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Reader Comments (4)

some are preaty impressive.
anyone can tell what is the current game update version that shows on PS3 under "Information" ?

Monday, September 17, 2012 at 1:35 PM | Unregistered Commenterikk

Thanks A Lot For Helping Us Heavily Aris. 2 Thumbs Up :D

Monday, September 17, 2012 at 8:06 PM | Unregistered CommenterMauricePhoenix

Yo Aris can you make a combo tutorial?

Just the other day I was playing with some friends that are more or less casual players, but some of them wanted to play more serious so they asked me to help them with the stuff that is creating most problems, or at least they think so, for them since they can't quite grasp tekken juggle system (for me that system was more or less totally intuitive, but then again i have been playing tekken for quite some time).

So i made a layout on the paper for them what the general combo (jugle in tekken) consists off. So it is sometihing like this:

Launcher->Filler->Bound->After Bound Filler->Finisher (of course this is more or less the most general layout), and then I took a character and first went trough what is a launcher, told them that some characters can first stun and then launch. It wasn't something mind blowing but it helped them understanding it better.

After that I shoved them some fillers that are used and more or less classified them to damage fillers (those that aim just for damage), carry fillers (those that carry the opponent to the wall, or certain position like floors etc) and position fillers (those that make you switch position with the opponent like AK did in this last combo video here at 2:20 vs paul). After that I pointed to them how to identify bound moves. Now after bound fillers are kinda different than those before the bound so I showed them some examples. (In other words it is better, i think, to do a carry filler before the bound than after it) As for the finishers I pointed out that there are those that open up for oki, those that slam into the wall (or ground) aka environmental finishes etc.

Now came the tag part and I found it a little bit harder to explain to them how tag fits into all that, it wasn't that hard with tag itself (I mean if you tag after a launcher the layout is the same only the character and tools are different, but since some characters for eample don't have a good carry fillers then you switch them amongst other things like red health etc), for tag asult was probably the same as the after bound filler, but i felt there is more to it that i currently know.

Explaining to them why should you prefer sometimes to do a solo combo rather than tag combo was kinda easier. The way I explained to them was that you can do more damage solo if you are in rage. When you are not in rage and either your tag partner has rage or the opponent has a lot of red health that you want to get rid off you do a tag combo. But as for tag assult combo that was harder, so covering that in a turorial will be cool.

So it occured to me that since you are making tutorials it would be awesome if you could make a combo turorial (forcusing on one or two characters so that viewers could understand better) and show them step by step the parts, variations or something like that. I found that when you expalin to them in this layoutish (and a game step by step example, like do a full combo then dissect) way that they tend to get it faster and then start to build their own combos, rather than just teaching them one combo so they can scrub...

I noticed that if beginners have tools to actually clasify moves into fillers etc, then can understand and learn that character faster, in the past the biggest relevation for me was when I learned (from some guide i don't remmeber) that punishers can be classified (like 10f 12f etc...) that one helped me allot when i switched to new characters.

And I also want to learn more since I feel I am kind missing out on some parts. You probably won't read all this but anyway :) Also I sucked at explaining wall stuff to them. Anyway sorry for the long post but I hope you will do one of those in the future for tag.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 1:02 AM | Unregistered Commentercombotutorialmaybe

Aris, could you possibly make a video tutorial about talking to girls, I was trying to explain to my "friends" etc etc *insert wall of text*

Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 8:07 AM | Unregistered Commenterwbw

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