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Hands-on Impressions of Soul Calibur 6 from Battle Arena Melbourne 10

Dear diary, I had the chance to play Battle Arena Melbourne 10 and I’m jotting down random streams of thoughts I was having while I was checking out Soul Calibur VI. Quick formalities for anyone interested in reading them; this was an early build of the game, things may change down the line, this isn’t Aris writing this, I didn’t record any footage and no I didn’t check frame data cause that’s boring. With that said, feel free to read on.

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Final Reminder: StrongStyle Donation Drive Ends on EVO Weekend

This is the final reminder post I'm going to make regarding the StrongStyle donation drive to get me to Norcal's StrongStyle~5 tournament being held on the last weekend of September this year. The donation drive will end on EVO weekend or specifically the Sunday (7/12) so that I can refund everyone in time if this fails. I'd like to once again thank everyone who contributed so far, I'm actually surprised people like reading my website Avoiding The Puddle.


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