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Top 8 Tekken Player Rankings By @KITVandy 

Kumite in Tennesse tournament organiser: Ian Vandy Davis recently created an online Google Document that ranks Tekken players that have placed top 8 at US Tekken tournaments. Points are given to players for their final placing and the amount of points given are directly proportional to the amount of entrants that a tournament has. There's a main ranking list that scores players solely in the US with another scoring US + Korean players and it comes up with interesting results. You can check out the online document here.


▌Tekken Rankings
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What's up Guys. Since I love ranking players and there is no site that tracks this stuff, I took it upon myself to objectively rank players based on tournament results. This is mainly for American tournaments and American players although I have another list with the Koreans thrown in. Only top 8 placers at any tournaments score points and tournaments are weighted by entrant numbers. Here is the top 10 and a link to the spreadsheet!

From Ian Vandy Davis here:


Document Link ▶


Rank Player Points Total Top 8 finishes
1 fightinggm 1502 13
2 Anakin 1170 5
3 Lil Majin 1166 8
4 Fab 966 9
5 Bronson 875 1
6 inkog 537 3
7 AceUnlimited 527 5
8 Stringbean 525 1
9 The Game 513 7
10 Kor 466 6


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The list is now housed here:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 12:00 PM | Unregistered CommenterVandy

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