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T7FR - Updated List of Moves that Beat Akuma's Fireballs

UPDATE (August 9): List of Bob's moves have now been added!

You may remember a bit back that a list of all the moves that would avoid (override / go under or through etc) Akuma's fireballs in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution was posted up online but that was from an earlier build of the game. Tekken-Official website today posted an updated version of the list and what's included now is a section of moves that some Tekken characters can do that will neutralize the fireball on collision with the Tekken move. The best example off the top of my head to indicate this is if you were to watch the extended E3 2016 trailer for Tekken 7 and seeing Kazuya's EWGF on Akuma's fireball. The list is up now on the site here but I translated the list and highlighter what's new below.

Akuma's Fireballs ≫

Previous List ≫

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TTT2: Weekly Local Tekken Gatherings

School's out in the USA I hear, so what better time to play and enjoy some quality offline Tekken. Death™ over at Tekken Zaibatsu has rounded up several weekly Tekken gatherings ('locals') that occurs in several parts of the world that you yourself may be able to go to and participate or at least follow the streams of. The list comes with stream URLs as well as places you can visit to help get into contact with people in your local scene so it's well worth looking through it.

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Top 8 Tekken Player Rankings By @KITVandy 

Kumite in Tennesse tournament organiser: Ian Vandy Davis recently created an online Google Document that ranks Tekken players that have placed top 8 at US Tekken tournaments. Points are given to players for their final placing and the amount of points given are directly proportional to the amount of entrants that a tournament has. There's a main ranking list that scores players solely in the US with another scoring US + Korean players and it comes up with interesting results. You can check out the online document here.

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