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Tekken 7 PC - Offline Input Delay Removal Mod

The quest continues to find out how to save the frames and make Tekken 7 a more responsive game. This new PC mod for Tekken 7 targets the specific 1 frame of deliberate input lag added to all offline game modes. Found and released by WAZAAAAA & HardcoreSergi, their Reduce Offline Input Delay Mod targets the games already specified level of input lag to reduce it further specifically. They were able to do this and test this through the recent finding of slowing down and speeding up the delay in the game, sort of like how you can emulate a laggy online match in the training mode. If you're interested to trying this out, you can find a download link and a longer explanation of this mod over on Tekken Zaibatsu:

Download Link ≫

Tekken Zaibatsu Thread ≫


▌Offline Input Delay Removal Mod
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Me and WAZAAAAA recently discovered that Tekken 7 has 1 fake 100% artificial frame of Input Delay active at all times in offline game modes. This is what the ping bars mean in Practice Mode, translated to frames:

5 bars is the default. Such delay can be forcefully reduced on PC (or increased lol) with a little mod/trainer/program/tool WAZAAAAA have put together. It's as simple as setting a number from 1 to 0. In theory it should work on any Tekken version after loading a match once, but only 1.06 1.10 1.11 were tested. Works in Arcade, Treasure, VS and Practice. It functions by writing stuff to your game's RAM and its effect only lasts until you close the game.


I am working on a better version of the tool which will show frame delay AND REAL-TIME PING IN GLORIOUS MILLISECONDS during online matches + offline, so keep an eye on this thread.



Just run the T7InputDelay.exe and input any delay you want during a match.
For the paranoid: the tool is open source, and actually you don't even need to launch any executable as WAZAAAAA have included the Cheat Table (.CT) and the AutoHotkey source code (.AHK) used for it in that .zip arhive.


Just for science, padlight was used for the real-time inputs displayer, and OBS Studio to record and overlay that + the text)

Text version of the default behaviour:



Frame 1 - nothing

Frame 2 - human input

Frame 3 - nothing

Frame 4 - nothing

Frame 5 - attack


The GIF shows how the game lags by 2 frames, but the tool only gets rid of 1 lag frame, the 2nd lag frame must be caused by something else.

This neat little GIF right here shows how the game reacts to player inputs with the default delay (1) compared to a hacked delay (0). No need to use expensive 400 FPS cameras or convoluted hardware setups to prove it, running the game in slow motion using the Cheat Engine speedhack was more than enough.

Is it possible to achieve 0 frames of input lag with the "slow motion method" in different games? Yes. Just to name two, in Skullgirls and Fantasy Strike (SG supports in-game slow motion; FS has frame advancing + slow motion + save states) when you do a human input on Frame 1, the attack happens immediately at Frame 2. Here's a list with more tests WAZAAAAA did a while ago:

I guess this is what Katsuhiro Harada meant with "tailor the game even more to absorb lag" and "design the entire fighting game with the notion that it will eventually be played online": artificially increasing the input latency offline.

So it was intentional after all, but not all hope is lost. Recently, update 1.10 was aimed at partially reducing the input delay, which shows that the developers do care about the issue. One more frame could be *very* easily removed as proven by this thread, go tell Bandai Namco, maybe they'll listen and backpedal on that particular "feature".


T7 has 1 frame of fake lag, you can disable it with PC hacks, email Harada to remove it completely.

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