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Soul Calibur Character Popularity Poll Results 

Remember that Soul Calibur character popularity poll a bit back on the official Facebook page? Voting period recently ended and we now have the full results of which character from the series is the most popular among voters. Talim, a fighter which was not included in Soul Calibur 5 was interestingly enough voted on top of the rest of the characters in the series. The full results are up and you can see it on the Facebook page. It said that these results will help make the future of the series 'bright and hopeful' but whether the poll amounts to anything significant is yet to be seen. Slightly off-topic but, E3 is a mere few days away so maybe we might see something there?

SoulCalibur Facebook Page ≫

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Tekken Arena Released On Android Devices

Chances are, you've most likely have forgotten that this game existed. Which may not necessarily be a bad thing considering that the mobile game is really rather unremarkable and considered an embarrassing mobile cash-in with the worst misuse of both the Tekken & MMA license. Still quite interesting however seeing as that trademark awhile back did come to fruition. Currently released on the Google Play Store, the game is described as "Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Fighting Game" but it rather plays like a textbook RPG with small battles which suprisingly has less depth then Tekken Card Tournament; another Tekken game released on mobile devices. I've added more information on the title If for some reason you're interested in it as well as a review by Jeremiah Rice on Android Police.

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Namco Bandai Announces Tekken Card Tournament

Well, can't say I wasn't expecting this one. Namco Bandai has just recently announced a new "free-to-play" Tekken game for mobile, tablet and web browsers. Alongside this, Namco plans to also sell physical 'booster' card packs that will accommodate the game via QR codes. You can read further details below.

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