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Rise Of Incarnates Official Twitch Stream Archive Ft. Michael Murray & Slayer Reveal

For those who didn't manage to catch this stream live, Michael Murray and Daisuke Murano got on Twitch and did a thorough job of explaining the game mechanics and the characters to the stream viewers earlier today. Murray also goes on to introduce everyone to the latest character being added into the game: Slayer. So far, this is the first time the development team behind the game have done a stream like this but they're hoping to make this a more regular thing in the future. If you're interested in this game and keen to see more, I recommend you follow the Rise Of Incarnates' official stream to get updates on when it goes live again. The game is currently out and free to play on Steam Early Access.

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Rise Of Incarnates Jump Festa Trailer + Release Date Moved to 2015

Rise Of Incarnates, the upcoming free-to-play 3D Arena fighting styled game being made by the San Francisco branch of Bandai Namco Games in California got a new trailer this week from the Jump Festa event in Japan. The trailer introduces a new fighter: Brad Burrell who has Fenrir as his 'Daimone' into the game for players to use. Interestingly enough to add however is that the video description of this trailer mentions that the game is now expected to launch in 2015 from the previous penned 'late 2014' release timing. Early access sign-ups for the game is available on the Rise of Incarnates website.

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