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TXT 2014 | Tekken Tournament in South America on Nov 8 & 9

The second iteration of a large Tekken tournament in South America: 'Tekken Extreme Tournament 2014' is on this weekend and it is sure to showcase the large enthusiasm for the game in the region. TXT 2014 is being held in La Paz, Bolivia and currently boasts 120 players entering from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, the US, Venezuela, Korea and more. The international guests for this tournament are Exalted from New York and Saint from Korea. I believe Help Me was supposed to attend but unfortunately couldn't make it. Nonetheless big South American tournament this weekend and it's going to be streamed on so be sure to watch it if you can.

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Saint is Attending TXT 2014 in Bolivia - Trailer Inside

Tekken Extreme Tournament 2014 is being held this November shortly after MASTERCUP and it features some new international competition entering the tournament! Alongside the previously announced Help Me, Saint from Korea is also attending the TXT 2014 tournament in La Paz, Bolivia. There's over $1,500 USD worth of prizes to be won and the event is said to be streamed. TXT 2014 is currently scheduled for the 8th & 9th of November this year. Trailer is from the TXT South America's YouTube channel.

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