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The Player's Messej Episode 10 Featuring Gagguni

Episode 10 of Setnomessej's podcast series "The Player's Messej" continues with an international player who's settled in the West Coast Gagguni. They discuss the West Coast scene, their favorite characters, and other things they enjoy. Be sure to suscribe to Setnomessej's twitch channel for catching each podcast live every Sunday.

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The Player's Messej Episode 5 Featuring Kane

In episode 5 of Setnomessej's podcast series he's interviewing @HelloMrBrahms aka Kane from SoCal. Also, from now on, The Player's Messej will air every Sunday at 3 PM PST consistently. Now you have a time frame to book to catch the program live on Twitch and be a part of the interactive portions of the podcast where the chat gets to ask the guest questions. Regardless, enjoy this podcast featuring one of the strongest players in the country playing arguably the weakest team in competition we've seen so far.

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The Player's Messej Episode 4 Featuring Project Run Away

The fourth episode of Setnomessej's "The Player's Messej" podcast was uploaded with @Socal_PRA aka Project-Run-Away as the guest. The format is the same as the previous episodes posted. Follow the twitch channel and Setnomessaj's twitter for more updates, details, and other Tekken related things he might have planned.

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The Player's Messej Episode 3 Featuring RunitBlack

Setnomessej uploaded episode three of "The Player's Messej" podcast. His guest this time is RunitBlack a.ka. Averiey Cobb. Go ahead and follow the guest @MoneyInc_RunitBlack. Be sure to follow Setnomessej @Setnomessej and twitch. Most interesting quote has to be "Tekken is a great Fighting Game, it's a shitty video game."

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The Player's Messej Episode 2 Featuring Cuddle Core

Setnomessej has uploaded the second part of his "The Player's Messej" podcast series with his second guest being Cuddle Core from the midwest. Like the previous guest Confucious, Cuddle Core is another young Tekken player in the scene that has been making waves in the competitive scene. You can follow Setnomessej on twitter @Setnomessej and twitch.

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