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Early Tekken 7 Eliza Frame Data Document From Kane

Tekken 7 is almost here but that doesn't stop early copies circulating out there. Thanks to Kane and his fast investigative work, we have some early Eliza frame data that will be a handy reference for those scouting out the Pre-Order DLC character. It's worth mentioning that you can face Eliza in both the online and offline modes in Tekken 7 if you don't own her yet so this will also help serve you as anti-character info. Just note that the frame data is early and can be subject to change in the future. You can check out the online google document with her movelist and frame data for yourself over here:

Tekken 7 Eliza Frame Data ≫


The Player's Messej Episode 5 Featuring Kane

In episode 5 of Setnomessej's podcast series he's interviewing @HelloMrBrahms aka Kane from SoCal. Also, from now on, The Player's Messej will air every Sunday at 3 PM PST consistently. Now you have a time frame to book to catch the program live on Twitch and be a part of the interactive portions of the podcast where the chat gets to ask the guest questions. Regardless, enjoy this podcast featuring one of the strongest players in the country playing arguably the weakest team in competition we've seen so far.

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SCR2014 TTT2 Entire Tournament Archive

IEBattlegrounds managed to stream the entirety of pool play for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 yesterday while the secondary Leveluplive stream captured the top 8, and it was awesome. A lot of upsets took place along with masterful displays of prowess in this game we play. Catch everything in these archives below.

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