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07/31/2016 - Headline News

Come back tomorrow for Master Raven and Bob on niconico.



Tekken 7 Brand Manager Mark Religioso Interview (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

#ESA16 - Tekken 3 [Unlock All Endings (1 Round)] by Shirdel

VSL The Fist Episode 1 -

Watch live video from VSL_TheFist on

T7FR Practice Mode wall break bug

akuma! what?

Death combo with no Raging Demon

Fire(ball) this camera man

T7FR Alisa note

'd/f+1's lower hitbox got improved changing her combos. Now she can combo from fc d/f+1+2 floats with it.'

T7FR Nina note

'Rage Art (d+1+2) allows long distance comboing due to how she moves forward. See vid for combos.'





Tekken 7 Merchandise

Lionz Den 3

Tekken Gamer

If you're Japanese, Toushin Sai put up their qualifier schedule for T7FR. (Large scale Japanese tournament)




Moves that 'stand out' to Nobi in T7FR

"Steve's extended duck f+2 into duck f+2

Bryan's Hatchet Kick

Akuma's d+4 sweep, air Tatsu and demon flips

Law's 14f punish (3+4,4)

Yoshimitsu's new follow-up from d/f+1

Dragunov's b+1,2 on counter screw launcher

Alisa's mobility."

Gigas Frame Data


Lucky Miku

FUYA (Asuka)

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