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Tekken 7 PC - Jin's Tekken 4 Costume Mod Now Available

A new mod by a5tronomy on Deviantart surfaced that brings over the PS4 exclusive hoodie costume for Jin from Tekken 4 over to the PC version of Tekken 7. The mod is now available to download and it works by replacing the recently released Vagabond outfit from the 1 Year Anniversary patch and the Rough Style beard option in the customization mode. Although the costume was brought over, the physics on hood part of the outfit couldn't so the mod includes 3 files to chose from to put into your ~mod folder: 1 for no hoody option and hair, 2 for hood attached but it's down and 3 for the hood on (but you can't knock it down). If you want to use the mod, feel free to download it over here:

Tekken 7 - Tekken 4 Jin Outfit - Mod ≫


▌Tekken 4 Jin Kazama Mod
 ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄


1. Download the Mod

2. Find your Tekken 7 '~mods' folder. If you don't have one, create it in Tekken 7's Paks folder.

(Usually: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods)

2. Copy the files you want in the 'Mod' folder you downloaded over into the ~mods folder in Tekken 7.

[Mod in zip Folder]

- JinTK4_P.pak (Replaces Vagabond Outfit)

[Choose 1 option out of 3]

- JinTK4Hair_P.pak (Replaces Rough Style in Face Settings with normal hair and no hood.)

- JinTK4LyingHood_P.pak (Replaces Rough Style with hood down but attached.)

- JinTK4StandingHood_P.pak (Replaces Rough Style with the hood up)

If you don't pick one of the three, then Jin will just be bald.

▌Tekken 4 Jin Kazama Preview
 ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄

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