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Knee's Recap of the Tekken 7 Tournament at Combo Breaker 2018

Photo by @HelloItsLiFresh off his recent Combo Breaker victory, Knee heads back home and recaps his experiences competing in the Tekken 7 tournament at the event. He went live on his Afreeca page to describe the experience with his chatroom and while it's all in Korean, we have the Rox Gaming social media manager Jin to thank for highlighting and translating the recap into English. This gives us foreigners a better POV from Knee of what he was thinking as he was playing and watching the tournament matches. You can find the translation recap at the publicly available Google document with the stream archive over on Knee's Afreeca channel:

ROX Knee’s 5/30 Tekken stream ≫

Knee's Combo Breaker 2018 Recap ≫


▌Knee Talks Combo Breaker 2018
 ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄

▌Translated Highlights
 ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄  ̄

5 minute mark

Thank you for cheering for me everyone, thanks for the congratulations~

(shows CB 2018 trophy) All that work for this, just this thing.. this looks like a CD, right?

Wow, look at the light reflecting from this, it could use it as a mirror!
I really wanted this. Combo Breaker!


Ah thank you~ I’m winning so much this year, I get worried that it might stop some day.

Last week too, you donated so much, thank you~

Bandai announcement and the Horde Hat (8 min)

Oh about the Bandai Namco announcement… well…. a lot of people were hopeful about the “important announcements”. But the TWT finals. I thought it was October, then it changed to November, and now its during December? So I was like wait, what? the dates keep changing! It used to be November, but when the World Tour first came out I swear it was October!

Donation: For the Horde. Lok’tar ogar!

(laughs) When people see it, they know it’s a horde hat. But Lok’tar Ogar, now that's a true Orc player. Good taste. Lok’tar Ogar!

I loved how everybody was spamming the Orc emote while I was playing with this on. It was so funny.

Combo Breaker? The cool thing this year was that Koreans won most of it. Tekken, SFV, Guilty Gear, Ultra SF4…

Thanks guys, it must have been hard to watch in Korea since its in the middle of the night, but you all came and support me.

American Crowds, Chanel, and JD (12:30)

This Combo Breaker had so many great moments. Especially Chanel, it was so close vs JeonDDing, but against Saint too, with the chainsaws and everything… I was just like “Oh gosh” you know that feeling when you’re both super worried but still excited? Yeah… he created some amazing games.

It was so fun playing against JeonDDing. Everyone was laughing at the facial expressions. No lie. I loved it.

And this is true, the crowd reactions and stuff? American tournaments knock it out of the park. I think you guys know too, there are quiet tournaments, and there are loud tournaments. America man, they got some amazing crowds. (reads english chat)

Oh, foreigners must also think it’s interesting that I use a lot of different characters.

Why did I use Jin? Why not Jack? (15 :00)

But everyone was theorizing - when I chose Jin vs. JeonDDing. I think normally, Jin is a hard character to play against Eddy. He blocks all your lows, comes up with the WS+1,3. Of course, Jin can block Eddy’s lows and use WS+2 to launch. But if you do that, Eddy has other options, like lows that won’t launch. But Jin, Jin only has launch, yeah.

That and Jin’s f+4 is nerfed now. It used to hit the ground but they nerfed it so that it wouldn’t hit you when prone. I’m pretty sure you guys saw it at the tournament, but when we were going for the ground plays, I used f+4 a few times but just missed.

I was thinking “Wait, its not connecting?” so I just changed to the stomp.

And the Shun Masatsu (b+2,1) it doesn’t launch from ground, yeah. It doesn’t launch, and if you mess up the timing, Eddy will just backdash out and launch you with d/f+3+4. So F+4, you think it’s good since there’s no side movement, but if you miscalculate the range, Eddy will simply backdash out and launch. For real. You gotta use it carefully.

So why did I use Jin? Any character I pick during a tournament has a reason. There’s Chanel’s advice, for one, and when I think about it, there’s a bit of character v character, but the most important thing is my opponent’s playstyle. If he plays like that… hmmm.. this character wouldn’t be bad against him, a bit like that.

Why didn’t I just use Jack? I mean, you’ve seen my death (series of games until one gets demoted/promoted) against JeonDDing before Combo Breaker. I lost so quickly with Master Raven, but won quickly with Jack. So I was considering using Jack, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt that using Jack wasn’t right. So the big thing is… you gotta watch the playstyle.

Playing against GoAttack? Umm… Shoot, look at all these foreigners (tries to answer english chat). “DamagermanY is just for fun. Not for competition. Like vacation. Yeah”

What was I talking about again…? Oh yeah. Playing against GoAttack. Eddy has a really good backdash, so I had a lot of trouble playing against JD’s Eddy with Master Raven. But after I practiced him a few times, I was like “nah, this is just JeonDDing being experienced.” So I went with Dragunov against GoAttack.

Oh and playing against Saint, after I parried that last time, I should have just screwed, used my red and sent him to the wall, then ran up and finished him off with a Deathfist(qcf+2) while he was down. But God, I don’t know why I did the 3, 2 into b+1, 2 instead. I think I did the same thing at BAM 10 and Chanel criticized me about that. When there’s not much health left guys, I think people just stick to what they are the most familiar with, and what you feel is the safest option. I knew it too, just parried then killed, but its just in a split second. Retrospectively, there’s always that better solution. I use parry into rage art really well during practice!

Playing Against GoAttack (22:30)

Donation: Thank you mokujin for picking Knee instead of Jack-7.

Yeah, everybody starts sleeping in chat when Jack comes out. (laughs) LowHigh… (chuckles) LowHigh sold his soul. He sold his soul and played Jack in the end. I prayed he wouldn’t pick Jack, but he ended up doing it.

With GoAttack? We were playing at the same time as JDCR and JoeyFury. We had to start our game but the stage, it goes crazy, right? They were going “Joey Fury!” and everything. We were like “fuck, what’s going on?” I was so curious. So I asked GoAttack “do you just want to watch their game real quick before we start?” So we were watching, but there are staff right, so they were looking at us like “why aren’t they starting?” so we were just like umm.. uh… and started our game.

So I was getting into focus but back on stage they were like “ASDFDAGBFD” you know? and USA!!! So I asked what was up, and they’re like “Dude they say JDCR lost” What really?? Holy… it was insane there. No joke.

Watching Knee Highlight CB2018 vid (30:00)

What’s this? He used Tekken 5 select music? This is the best track right there. This is my favorite track.

(watching vs Glaze20z)

This Eddy - you know what’s harder during groups? There is 0 information on the participants. You don’t know how they play. You have to do a few rounds to get used to them, but on the first round, you have to probe a bit.

(watching vs SwiftDemon)

This guy, this paul, it was super weird too. It got dangerous. His timings were super off-putting. You go in, you get death-fisted. God I was getting played.

(hears the crowd screaming and laughs) hear that? The screaming really gets you clenched. You can hear the shouts. You can’t hear the commentators but if you’re screeching in the crowd? Yeah you can hear through the headset.

Input Lag (43:00)

Yeah, the input lag is huge. Because, look, last year, I couldn’t break throws.

Last year, you know, I played Paul last year as well. But I kept dying to throws. It was impossible to break out of counter throws. But now, I can just see it and react.

I couldn’t break out of the throws. And Dragunov throws, its big.

You think you low parried but it wouldn’t be one and all that.

“Without doubt, the best player in the planet” (53:00)

I was so thankful for the commentators’ words here.

They were saying I was the best in the planet and stuff.

And they were saying that I was doing so well despite people saying that I might be done last year.

These guys are foreigners you know, they still said so much nice stuff about me.

Maturing, Nobody Likes JDK, and Power of Cheering (01:32:00)

Anyway, I think the more you play in tournaments, you know, I think I get a bunch of experience outside of the country. I think I grow more mature as well.

When I played with LowHigh this time, he sat next to me after and said,
“(deep sigh)... Paul…”

(laughs) Just one word, I think had so much meaning behind it. You know, he just sighed and said “Paul…” that was the only thing he said to me after playing that Top 8 match against me. That was so funny.

I really wish he hadn’t played Jack against JD. (sighs) he played Jack… Of course, he did go all the way. Oh, and after I won, LowHigh asked me, “Why are you so good? Teach me some” so I said, “Uh.. use a lot of different characters”.

He was like “different characters?” and just sighed. (laughs)

Chat: When he picked Jack, chat was spamming ‘traitor’

Chat was spamming ‘traitor’? (laughs). See, I told you. You can’t sell your soul. Everyone thinks it. Jack is good against Eddy. But when you look at JeonDDing playing, he overcomes the counter. He beats Jack with Eddy. And you go “wow… he just did that”

And that makes you think differently - maybe Jack doesn’t counter Eddy that much. I was looking at around 7:3, but after watching JeonDDing play, you think, maybe it was 6:4.

Traitor… (laughs) That’s super funny actually.

The viewers know - Jack, Dragunov, Kasumi… they hate them all.

Why do people hate Jack?

There’s just so many of them in tournaments. So many Jacks.

The videos… last year was the worst. Just Jack and Dragunov every tournament. That’s why it’s boring. And everybody sleeps in chat, you can see the emotes(ResidentSleeper).

Eddy is surprisingly well received in the foreign scene. Honestly, I hate playing against capoeira characters but its really cool to watch. They dodge with ground and play mind games and stuff, right? Yeah.

But nobody likes Jack, Dragunov, and Kasumi.

Paul is so annoying to fight against. You get hit once and your health just drains. But he’s really fun to watch at a tournament. So there are these fun characters. People seem to like Jin as well. Yeah, they like Jin.

So there are some popularity ranks in characters as well.

Also, the power of cheering definitely exists. I bet JDCR definitely started to mess up when the crowd started chanting USA. The cheering man, it gets to you and stiffens your plays. It was kind of like watching my plays at Thailand. You can’t duck the highs and stuff. Its stiff.

Guys, cheering really does make an impact. It really gets you scared. You get intimidated and you can’t play as well as you can. No joke. That’s why being the away team is hard.

Chat: JDCR is gonna come back

Of course. Of course he’s going to come up again.

The rage art. I looked at it over and over but there was really no reason to pop in there.

So maybe he used the wrong hotkey.

It’s natural win and lose guys. Everybody’s so good, so everybody wins and loses. I honestly think it’s really impressive how I had such good results.

You can’t just win forever. There are the ups and downs in your condition, and tournaments, they’re determined by the smallest things. It’s a best of 3, those go by so quickly.


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