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SoulCalibur VI v1.51 & v1.52 patch notes

Following the launch of DLC character Cassandra early last month, two version updates for SoulCalibur VI have since been rolled out. Version 1.51 was out September 4 and contained several adjustments that correct unintended behaviors from Cassandra and one specific interaction with Azwel. Version 1.52 followed up on September 17 and was a small bug fix to correct the Xbox One version from leaving the player hanging when the game fails to read network data. If you've been playing SC6 anytime since the past week online, then you should already have these updates installed.

SOULCALIBUR VI - Version 1.51

SOULCALIBUR VI - Version 1.52

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SoulCalibur VI v1.50 patch notes

The last character in SoulCalibur VI's first Season Pass is finally here, Cassandra joins the game in the latest Version 1.50 update to the game. The update is already live on several platforms with the full details of the contents available on the SC6 Steam community page. Looks like they finally added a way to continually rematch an opponent in casual/lobbies, as well as several other much appreciated QOL improvements. If you own the Season Pass, you can start playing with the new DLC character as soon as the character unlock is available from your region's online store.

SOULCALIBUR VI - Version 1.50

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Cassandra Revealed for SoulCalibur VI

The next character to join the playable SoulCalibur VI cast is revealed to be Cassandra Alexandra. We've known about this for awhile but it is now official as of the EVO 2019 announcement. Cassandra is the last piece of DLC content included with SCVI's first Season Pass and will be available to download and play starting on August 5th. Check out her character reveal trailer:

Bandai Namco America

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Rumor: Internal SC6 File Contains Character References to Cassandra & Amy

Seems like we may have accidentally stumbled upon our two next DLC characters coming to Soul Calibur 6? According to some people who have cracked open the recently recalled 1.10 update, both Amy Sorel and Cassandra Alexandra are explicitly referenced inside a specific config file in the game. This particularly sticks out because they both don't actually have character models and are listed alongside everyone else that are either playable or encounterable in a Story Battle. They also happen to be listed under DLC2 & DLC3 respectively. I've personally heard accounts of these file references existing but since the update is no longer available for the time being, I have no real method to check if it's real myself. If you happen to still have the update on hand, you can verify the references inside the file yourself with a bit of googling know-how. Just to leave this with a warning note though, this is all speculation and rumour-milling for the time being and does not confirm their inclusions.

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