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Soul Calibur 6 - Azwel Battle Director Comment

Japanese gaming sites have published their Azwel news posts earlier today and the battle director (@oosaka_twt) comments detailing gameplay information are now out. The notes for Azwel describes his gameplan of repeatedly using one of his three available weapon types he can summon to use powerful variants of his attacks. Kind of sounds like building stacks with a weapon type to use a Rage Drive version if you get what I mean. The battle director comment also describes a bit about the Soul Charge and unique Critical Edge that Azwel has access to so be sure to check that out if you're looking to play him in the future. Thanks goes to Famitsu for providing the info. SoulCalibur VI is out October 19th for PS4, XB1 & PC via Steam.

Famitsu ≫

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Gallery - Soul Calibur 6 Azwel Character Reveal Screenshots

The leader of humanity is welcomed to the stage of history. Recently fully revealed during Soul-Cal Ring Out, Azwel seems like the decorative anthropologist kind with a bit of madness spiced in. His specialty is wielding the Palindrome which allows him to manifest an arrangement of weapons from thin air. He also seems to share a similiar quality with Kilik in having two seperate Critical Edges to use in a battle. You can check out the latest batch of in game screenshots with Azwel in action down below. For the previous batch, you can find it in the following link train:

Twelfth Batch (Tira) ≫

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Soul Calibur 6 - New Character Azwel Reveal Trailer

The new character that we've seen before in the Libra of Soul trailer has now officially been unveiled. Azwel, the so-called leader of humanity joins the stage of history wielding his Palindrome weapon that can materialize many other weapons in battle. The character concept seems a little similar to the way Noctis in Tekken 7 fights except with added muscle buster. Interestingly enough, the confirmation of this character's name lines up with an old leak on 4chan back in June which outright named Azwel and several other unrevealed characters. Azwel was revealed live during the Soul-Cal Ring Out event but the trailer is also available to watch on the Bandai Namco US YouTube page.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America ≫

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