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Tekken Global Championship '13 Korean Qualifier Results

South Korea has now found it's third representative player for the upcoming Global Championship tournament being held next weekend. CafeId broadcasted the 1st and 2nd Qualifier for the Global Championship and you can see the results should you happen to miss out. An additional reminder, CafeId will also be streaming the GC and both MarkMan and Team Spooky will provide English commentary for the event. The event schedule has also been published and you can find it all below.

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2nd Korean Global Championship Qualifier Archive

The first qualifier was the Tekken Strike finals which you can see here. The second qualifier took place on Friday at Green Arcade. The final Qualifier will take place on October 20th. Enjoy the set of matches with some classic Knee commentary. Shoutouts to taktak1893 for the upload.

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TTT2 - 9/28 News & Media Round-Up

MC: Chanel, Knee, Nin, Saint & JDCR joins MASTERCUP.6
MC: Ryou (DVJ/AMK) VS Genkids (BOB/LEO) Tekken Emperor Deathmatches
OH: Second Generation Tetsuo (LEI/LEE) VS Burimaru (KNG/AMK>BOB/BRY) Matches Uploaded
TS: Knee (DVJ/MIG) VS JDCR (HEI/AMK) for 3rd/4th Place of Tekken Strike
TS: Season 2 Saint (BOB/GAN) VS Jundding (EDD/CHR) Finals
GC: Special Commerative Title Wanted

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TTT2 - Global Championship '13 Currently Selected Players

A significant portion of the qualifiers has recently completed and we have confirmed representatives for a number of entered countries for the Global Championship 2013 tournament taking place on the 26th of October. Thanks to the official Tekken OKWave page for the event, we even have pictures and small profiles for you to cringe at!

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