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Tekken 7 (officially) Announced for Consoles. PS4 vers. to have VR Functionality

After weeks of hinting from MarkMan, Namco officially announces Tekken 7 at the Paris Games Weekly expo that's currently taking place in France right now. While this really isn't news to anyone following Harada's interviews throughout the US tournament scene, what is new is the inclusion of VR functionality. Let's hope it's more than a gimmick like the TTT2-Prologue 3D functionality. The official Press Statement and full trailer of the announcements are below.

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Lab Zero Successfully Integrates PS3 Arcade sticks on PS4

Although not directly related to Namco's fighting games, it is definitely relevant to everyone's interests. Lab Zero games have managed to include the drivers for PS3 compatible arcade sticks with the PS4 version of the game and thus saving gamers 100's of dollars from investing in PS4 specific arcade sticks. Fans of Tekken 7 will be facing the same dilemma once the game hits PS4 eventually. Now that everyone knows it's possible and Lab Zero is offering the drivers for free to any developer that wants to use it, you all know who to talk to make sure this feature will be in T7. More quotes from the developer below courtesy of Polygon.

EDIT: Recently it's come to light that Lab Zero weren't solely responsible for the creation of the driver, it was a collaboration between Lab Zero and Naughty Dog.

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Lab Zero Games Looking for Help to get PS3 Controllers Working on PS4

With Tekken 7 being announced and a most likely PS4/XBone/PC release following the arcade release, there is the lingering problem of arcade sticks not working on future consoles. The difference with this generation is that Sony is allowing developers to design their own drivers for whatever peripheral they want supported for their game. Lab Zero Games have recently announced a PS4 version of Skull Girls releasing at the end of the year and are trying to find a way to get their PS3 sticks working for any players migrating to the PS4 version. Considering the limited resources Lab Zero Games have in accomplishing this task it's looking unlikely it will come to fruition, but if this does work, Mike Z (lead programmer at Lab Zero) said he will license this driver for free to any other developer that wants PS3 sticks compatible with their game. Original link from Skullheart below.

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