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Tekken 7's Season Pass 2 Includes Summer Lesson & Tekken World Tour Costumes

A new update has appeared on the official Japanese website for Tekken 7 announcing that more in-game customization items are heading our way. As an exclusive extra bonus for purchasers of the second Season Pass, 3 sets of customization bundles featuring the Tekken World Tour, a collaboration with the Summer Lesson VR game and fighting hit effects to apply to all our characters is included in the Season Pass. This additional bundle of customization items will be available for download when Season 2 launches September 6 with the sole exclusion being Noctis's Tekken World Tour outfit which will be made available to download at a later date. You can think of this bundle of items being similiar to the first Season Pass and it's equivalent Metallic Gold costume set. You can find a list of all the items and screenshots of the customizations included in Season Pass 2 down below.

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Tekken Project X Summer Lesson Stage Show at Tokyo Game Show 2015

A bit of news came out which might be slightly related to Tekken at Tokyo Game Show which is happening this weekend. On September 17th at 3:00 PM Japan time, Bandai Namco will be organising a "Tekken Project X Summer Lesson" stage show at the Bandai Namco booth featuring the promotional Lucky Chloe cosplayer Hinako Sano. It seems primarily geared towards Summer Lesson, the Project Morpheus VR demo that the Tekken Project is also working on but there's going to be some 'promotion for Tekken's 20th Anniversary' too at the show. Although it doesn't state outright that they'll be presenting anything new regarding Tekken 7. In other news, Bandai Namco is for the first time streaming Tokyo Game Show on Twitch with some performers from WORLD OTAKU MATE in English. When we get any details on the stream or any big news related to Tekken in the future, we'll try to cover it. (If we get it at all, of course.)

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