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IeSF 2017 | 9th Esports World Championship Streamed Live on November 11

Taking place later today is the 9th Esports World Championship hosted by the International Esports Federation in Busan, Korea. This is a global scale competition for Tekken 7 as qualifiers for this world championship was hosted across 23 countries to find the world's best to compete in Korea. Tekken 7 at the EWC has already progressed to the quarterfinal stages off stream and among the players representing at the event are Jeondding (S.Korea), Book (Thailand), Doujin (Philippines) Kor_nnova (New Zealand) & more so you can expect strong competition. The Tekken 7 tournament finals day starts at 10 AM Korean time (5 PM PST) and finishes with the finals at around 8 PM (3 AM PST.) You can watch the live broadcast of the Esports World Championship over on the International Esports Federation Twitch channel here when it comes live:

IeSF_TV Twitch stream ≫

International Esports Federation ≫

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Tekken Global Championship 2013 - Streamed Live on October 26th!


ENG stream: (Commentary by MarkMan & Team Sp00ky)
JAP stream: (Commentary by Yuu & Jackller)

Schedule: Times are KST (GMT +9)

14:00 ~ Opening Ceremony / Group Stage (round-robin)
18:00 ~ Bracket Stage (double elimination)


Japan: Nobi & Kagemaru
Taiwan: Snake
China: Shutdown & N.King
Malaysia: Fate_Q
United States: Mr. NAPS
Hong Kong: 西毒檸茶-Lightning!
Phillipines: AK
Singapore: ZF & Zap Hwoarang
Indonesia: Hero & LEXUZ
Thailand: BooK
Australia: Marimo & MMT
New Zealand: B.G
Korea: Saint, JDCR & Help Me!!

Grand Prize:

$10,000 US

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TTT2 - Global Championship '13 Full Representative Roster

The official OKWave page for the upcoming Global Championships this weekend has finally published the full roster of representative players that will be competing in the event. The site comes with more short profiles and images of the qualifying players for everyone to look at and get familiar with. You can find these below.

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