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08/28/2016 - Headline News

Slacking off for a bit but this is after Gamescom and Summer Jam edition. Tokyo Game Show is on September 15 - 18.



Summer Jam 2016 recap [YouTube]

Tekken 7 - Opening Akuma Heihachi

One Media Gaming [YouTube]

Tekken 7 PS4 Gameplay - Akuma Makes His Tekken Debut [YouTube]

Tekken 7FR Project by Tekken Philippines PPSSPP [YouTube]

S.T.L [YouTube]

Knee [YouTube]

The Main Man [YouTube]

Shudy [YouTube]

Lionz Den 3 [YouTube]

Japan high ranked Jin vs Lili

Akuma - At the wall, if the opponent techs into standing block, a f+3+4 will catch them (Timing is hard however)

Steve Combos

Yoshimitsu Combos

Xiaoyu Set-Ups

King - 1+2,1

Gigas - You can combo into Rage Art from counter hit d/f+3,1+2 & normal hit ff+1+2. See vid.

Asuka - Burning Lantern (ff+1) connects in a combo after a Rage Drive for big damage. See vid.

Mikado TTT1 Tournament [YouTube]

Mishima♂Building (BGM)


Famitsu Gamescom Interview [URL]

  • Lee was brought back for 2 reasons. First, the story mode will be a big part of Tekken 7 and he plays a role as being brought up from childhood to rival Kazuya. Second, all the fanbase calls and requests to have him back in the roster.
  • The story mode will flesh out and reveal why they were brought up to be rivals.
  • There's been a lot of changes made in Tekken 7 from previous games and Lee's inclusion into the new game went smoothly as he fit the system.
  • Story Mode will retell older history of the Tekken series and reveal the secrets from long past. An example is the episode where Heihachi throws Kazuya off the cliff. This will be fleshed out in the story mode.
  • Not decided yet for young Kazuya and Heihachi being playable, maybe if there was large fan demand.
  • The story for the Tekken series has long been made awhile ago but it was only until Tekken 7 that it was decided to reveal more of the story.
  • The reason to do this now was that it was the series 20th Anniversary and as well as recognising that the audience for fighting game stories have grown and there are people who want it to develop and keep going so we hope they look forward to the story mode.
  • The response to Tekken 7 Fated Retribution has been mostly positive with more people new people playing it and as well as hearing high praise for the game's new systems, graphic fidelity and character roster.
  • Reception to Akuma has been a mixed bag but he's had a large impact with Street Fighter players being able to pick up Akuma and use him effectively. An example is Poongko getting 3rd place at EVO 2016 with the character.
  • As a Japanese made game, of course I'll say something there at Tokyo Game Show next month.
  • Tekken 7 is still under development with a lot of things yet to be shown off and we still have more characters to reveal so please look forward to it.



Kelot Cup 2 on September 17

Tekken Tej Tournament

Maximilian #unitegamers

Norcal Tekken

Sydney - EB Games Expo -

jbstyle T7FR Character art panel teases


OzHadou Nationals





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