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Tekken World Tour Finals 2017 | Tekken 7 Global Championship on November 12

It has been a long time coming but we are finally here, the Tekken World Tour will today be crowning the world's best Tekken player for the entire year. Going live from the City View in San Francisco, California, the best players hailing from the Asia-Pacific, United States and Europe has been assembled to find our 2017 Tekken 7 Champion. With $50,000 US dollars of prize money on the line, you can expect to see world class Tekken action to go down and we all get to see it happen live. Doors for the event open at 12 PM sharp for those of you who are planning on attending the event to catch everything in person and try out the new Geese Howard Tekken 7 stations which will also be available over there. The Tekken 7 tournament will begin at 1 PM pacific so expect that to be the time in which to tune. The Tekken World Tours Finals is being live streamed over on the official Twitch Tekken channel so get in there to not miss out on all the action. Details, schedule, players and more can be found inside:

TWT Grand Finals Twitch Stream ≫

Tekken World Tour ≫


▌Live Stream
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▌Tournament Details
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TWT Format & Schedule

TEKKEN Twitter

Date: 12th of November, 2017

Location: City View at Metreon in downtown San Francisco, CA

Player representatives: (16 total)

Asia Pacific ×6

• JDCR (Republic of Korea)
• Saint (Republic of Korea)
• Qudans (Republic of Korea)
• Noroma (Japan)
• Nobi (Japan)
• Knee (Republic of Korea)

Americas ×5

• Speedkicks (United States of America)
• JimmyJTran (United States of America)
• Anakin (United States of America)
• Joey Fury (United States of America)
• P. Ling (United States of America)

Europe ×5

• Tissuemon (Italy)
• Blackbeard (Denmark)
• Super Akouma (France)
• Kaneandtrench (United Kingdom)
• Fergus (Republic of Ireland)

Tournament Form:

Group Stage: Round Robin Format.

16 players will be split up into 4 groups with priority seeding going to the highest finishers from each region's leaderboard. From there, the next highest ranked players will then be able to choose which group they will be in during a pre-show event on the day.

Proceeding that, the top 2 from each Round Robin group will go on to a Double Elimination bracket to form the Top 8. All matches in the Bracket Stage are BO3, except for Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals which are BO5. In Grand Finals, the player in Losers must win two matches to be awarded first place in the tournament.

Prize Pool: $50,000 US Dollars

1st Place: $15,000
2nd Place: $9,000
3rd Place: $6,500
4th Place: $4,500
5th Place: $3,000
7th Place: $1,500
9th Place: $1,000
13th Place: $500

Tournament time: Below image created by acekingoffsuit. Click to enlarge.

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