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MASTERCUP.9 | World's Largest 5on5 Tekken 7 Team Tournament on November 25

Join us this Saturday in Tokyo, Japan for the world's largest Tekken 7 team tournament; MASTERCUP.9. This tournament marks the 10th anniversary of the debut of MASTERCUP tournaments in Japan which are known to gather players from all over the country to battle it out in big 5on5 team tournament. A single day event but with a staggering total of 207 teams of 1035 Tekken players including some of the best in the world like Qudans, Help Me, Knee, Chanel, Nobi, Noroma and a ton more that'll be too lengthy to mention in full on here. MASTERCUP.9 is being streamed live on with multiple language streams so tune into the English stream with Markman, Tasty Steve & Michael Murray handling the commentary. The tournament's opening ceremony and first wave of pools commence at 8 AM in the morning in Japan so that'll be 3 PM PST and 6 PM EST on the Friday and at Midnight for Central European time for those looking to tune in. You can tune into MASTERCUP.9 live over on the official Tekken Twitch channel:

MASTERCUP.9 ENG Twitch Stream ≫



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 Tournament Details
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MASTERCUP.9 Venue & Format ▶

Tournament Organiser Masakarijin's Twitter ▶

Teams Registered ▶

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Date: November 25th, 2017.

Location: Tokyo Big Sight TFT Hall 1000 - Tokyo, Koto, Ariake, 3 Chome−4−10


Tournament sponsor: MASTERCUP, Universal Gravity

Schedule: (Japan time)

08:00 -- Opening Ceremony & 1st Round pools commence.

10:00 -- 1st Round of tournament Phase 2.

13:00 -- 1st Round of tournament Phase 3.

14:30 -- Wild Card Phase 1.

16:00 -- 2nd Round pools.

17:30 -- Wild card Phase 2.

19:00 -- Drafting for tournament finals, players entrances and Top 8 begins.

22:00 -- Tournament Closing

Tournament Form:

- Teams of 5 players are placed into 56 blocks with 3 ~ 4 teams inside each block for the 1st Round.

- 1st place from each block proceeds into the 2nd Round of the tournament.

- 2nd place from each block proceeds into the wild card section.

- 2nd Round will be where we break the winning 56 teams into the Top 7.

- Wild card section will have each team picking 1 player to represent the team in a single elimination tournament. The winning player from a team in the the wild card section moves onto the Top 8.

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