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Level ∞, AVerMedia, AKRACING & ZOWIE Sponsors Team Yamasa's Yuu, Nobi & Take

Count it, FIVE sponsors have now taken the Japanese pro Tekken team of Nobi, Yuu & Take under their wing(s). The team were previously enlisted under Team Yamasa (the company involved with creating Tekken related Pachislot machines) and making their ways to multiple Tekken World Tour tournament events overseas such as Evo 2017, REV Major and TWT Korean Major. The new sponsorships with Level ∞, AVerMedia, AKRACING & ZOWIE now presents a crop of heavily pro-gaming related brands attached to their name.

When you put these sponsors together, you get a full picture of a pro-gaming environment. Level Infinity (∞); a Japanese gaming PC brand with tailored-for online gaming specifications on their range of pre-built PCs. AVerMedia; who specilize in video capture and streaming devices to broadcast or create gaming related content on gaming platforms. AKRACING; a brand of ergonomic gaming chairs that make you look like you're in a race car and lastly ZOWIE, a brand by BenQ that are known for creating monitors that boast responsive and smooth gameplay. You may have already seen these monitors before as they're currently officially used in the Capcom Pro Tour.

The now YAMASA, Level ∞, AVerMedia, AKRACING & ZOWIE affiliated team of Nobi, Yuu & Take will more than likely be making their way to many more Tekken World Tour tournaments in the future including the Tokyo Tekken Masters event taking place tomorrow in Tokyo, Japan and the upcoming OzHadou Nationals 15 tournament on September 15-17 in Sydney, Australia. You can catch Yuu, Nobi & Take streaming Tekken 7 on their gaming Twitch channel every week.

Nobi (@daichinobi) ≫

Yuu (@Yuu_Norespect) ≫

Take (@hk_takkun) ≫


Thanks goes to MASTERCUP OFFICIAL for the news.

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