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Gallery - Tekken 7 Character Panel Art by jbstyle

This is a gallery of all the Tekken 7 character panel art created by jbstyle. Jbstyle was brought on the Tekken project team to commission artwork for all the characters to use in their in-game character art panel as well as design the art on the EVO 2014 & 2015 T-shirt bonus. You can check out Jbstyle's official website here and follow him on twitter here:

jbstyle. ≫

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Further reading: SD-CC 2015 report & T7 character art panel announcement. Smaller images in this gallery will be replaced once I find larger / original images.

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Tekken 7 - Character Panel Art Customization Now Available

A new update on the tekken-official website details the newly added feature of customizing your character's art panel in the game. This feature was introduced in TTT2 with artworks from artists: Junny, Shunya Yamashita & Tomio Fujisawa and they all return to add new artwork pieces to Tekken 7. A new artist named Jbstyle was brought in this time for Tekken 7 and you may remember him from the San Diego Comic Con panel this year. All the character's artworks for Tekken 7 is being slowly rolled out with Jbstyle's artwork being available to use first but the character art from Junny, Yamashita & Fujisawa wil be available in the near future. If you happen to be in Japan and playin Tekken 7, you can earn the artwork yourselves with the current Tekken net campaign.

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Tekken 7 - Bandai Namco Entertainment Fighting Game Panel 2015

UPDATE: Added further panel images from Famitsu! Includes more character artwork from Tekken 7 including a live art demonstration by Jbstyle.

Just to get this out of the way - there wasn't much substantial news in terms of Tekken 7 revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. What was shown however is something you might appreciate should you be a fan of the artwork that comes from special guest artist collaborations with the Tekken series. The Bandai Namco Fighting game panel at San Diego Comic-Con has Tekken Project team figures like Harada and Michael Murray on it but this time there's also guest artist jbstyle participating who you may know as the artist who designed the Devil Asuka and Lili / Eliza T-shirts given out to players at EVO 2014 & 2015. Artwork of the Tekken 7 characters done by Jbstyle, Shunya Yamashita, Tomio Fujisawa and Junny were shown off so I'm assuming this is hinting at the return of the character artwork switching in Tekken 7 that was available in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. All the images from this year's panel are courtesy of @cool_trainer.

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