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MASTERCUP.8 Now Accepting Team Entries

Well not *right now* officially but on September 1st, MASTERCUP will be accepting team entries to the Tekken 7 MASTERCUP.8 tournament which is going down on November 22nd this year.  This is the perfect time to rally up your groups and enter if you plan on attending the event. There is a page where you enter the team details to be added into the tournament but it's in complete Japanese so if you are planning to enter, feel free to send me the details and I can help get the team's entry in. You can contact me via e-mail here. The tournament organiser can also be reached through his twitter account: @MasakariJin.

Entry Period: 31st of August, 2015 0:00 ~ 10th of October 2015 23:59

Entry form page:


8/30 Nobi Gaisen Cup Being Streamed Completely on niconico

Nobi Gaisen Cup, the previously announced MASTERCUP tournament being held Fukuoka, Japan that's titled after Nobi's victory at EVO 2015 will be taking place this weekend. It's not the major MASTERCUP tournament that usually happens every year so this is a more smaller regional kind of tournament. As such, they're content to just stream it all on niconico. If you have a niconico account, you can tune into the tournament come this Sunday in Japan. (Saturday in USA)

Nobi Gaisen Cup Stream URL ≫

And of course, after the tournament official Youtube uploads will be up at the MASTERCUP channel.



Nobi Gaisen Cup - MASTERCUP Assault Category Summer 2015 Announced

Another whopper of a name. MASTERCUP has recently announced a new tournament being held in Japan for Tekken 7 - The Nobi Gaisen Cup. The 'gaisen' bit on the name means a big triumphant return so this tournament is being held to celebrate Nobi's victory at EVO this year. The current format for this tournament is 3on3 with team entrees limited to 36 teams in total so it's not a huge tournament but it could expand in the future. It's going to be held in Namco's Hakata Bus Terminal Arcade on the 30th of August so the tournament is not too far away from now. Should more details on the tournament including a stream or videos come in the future, we'll let you know. For now, the tournament details and in-game prizes are now available.


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Tekken 7 - MakoRyu Deathmatch Video from MASTERCUP

This video is perfect in showing how fucking obnoxious Jack-7 has gotten in this game. I'm not even sure if you're the kind of person that enjoys hour long deathmatch videos but this is one to watch just for the starting deathmatch between MakoRyu (a strong Mishima player from Osaka) & Taisei (Tekken God Japanese Bruce/Jack-6 player). It's not even 10 minutes long, I'll tell you that much! And before anyone asks, yes the whole full crouch f+1,2,1 into Debugger is NC and guaranteed. Yeah. Then onwards, the video proceeds with MakoRyu deathmatching other people so there's more to the video if you want more. Of course, big thanks goes to the Official MASTERCUP YouTube channel for uploading the video, you can check out the rest of the channel here:


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Tekken 7 - Namco Hakata Bus Terminal Fest Tournament Match Videos

The Namco arcade located in Japan's Hakata Bus Terminal area recently held their monthly Tekken 7 tournament and the MASTERCUP YouTube channel now has the drect feed arcade capture of the matches available for viewing. The videos total to about an hour roughly of Tekken 7 matches from two monthly tournaments in this arcade (this month and last month's HBT Fest.) Player names are listed in Japanese in each video's description but If you're curious to know who's playing, I went and translated the names below. Enjoy!

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