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MASTERCUP.8 | Tournament Results & Twitch Stream Archives

MASTERCUP.8 took place this past Sunday and there was a lot of Tekken action going down at the event. Having over 900 players at the event, the tournament once again came down to a climatic Korea vs Japan Grand Finals. There were multiple twitch streams featuring different commentary languages so a vast majority of people were able to enjoy the tournament. Markman and Spooky with Michael Murray alongside piloted the English stream, Genya and Hameko for the Japanese stream and then Nin with Bowser for the Korean stream. The full results and archive is now up and available for viewing.

English Stream ≫
Japanese Stream ≫
Korean Stream ≫

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Premium PV Released for Japanese 5on5 Tekken 7 Tournament - MASTERCUP.8

MASTERCUP.8 returns this year on November 22nd and as usual, the latest PV for the tournament has been released! The PV features commentary by Fumihiko Tachiki and looks back at all the previous MASTERCUPs that lead up to the big tournament this year. MASTERCUP.8 will take place in Odaiba, Tokyo next month and just to remind everyone, tournament sign-ups for the event end this Saturday 24th of Oct in Japan so time is short if you want to make plans to attend. You can check out the PV on the Mastercup YouTube channel here:


In other news, a Korean team has finally entered MASTERCUP.8! The team comprises of the following players:

This team will participate in the tournament alongside the team that wins the tournament in Green Arcade on Oct 24. You can take a look at the massive list of team entered into the tournament here.

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MASTERCUP.8 Korean Qualifier at Green Arcade on Oct. 24

A brief announcement but DJVamp over on Tekken Central announced that players in Korea are organizing a Korean Tekken 7 Qualifier event in Green Arcade on October 24th for MASTERCUP.8. Twitch is said to be organizing this qualifier with it being streamed on the Green Arcade's Twitch channel. This event will be structured similar to the MASTERCUP tournament format so teams of 5 pair up and the winning team that wins it all earn a free flight, lodging and travel to MASTERCUP.8 to compete. For those in the area looking to compete, this could be your chance to enter. For further details on the event:


Organization: Twitch × MASTERCUP

Twitch Broadcast:

Location: Green Game Land Arcade (서울특별시 영등포구 대림1동 756-4 (02 846-5176))

Date: October 24th at 18:00 (Korean local time)

Format: 1 team - 5 people

Winning team: 

  • Flights from Incheon airport to Tokyo, Japan. Including accommodation. (21st November - 23rd November)
  • MASTERCUP.8 team entry registration (15,000 Japanese yen.)

MASTERCUP.8: November 22nd, 09:00 (Japan local time)

Registration and rules:

[공지] 일본 마스터컵8 한국대표 선발전 예선 일정 ≫


MASTERCUP.8 Team Entry Deadline Extended to Oct 24

For those of you planning to head to MASTERCUP.8, you may be pleased to know that MASTERCUP has extended the deadline for accepting team entries from the previous date of October 10th. You've got more time to decide on attending and forming your teams for the upcoming large scale Tekken 7 event. As of writing right now, there are currently 103 teams entered on the website's team list making the tournament have over 500 competitors planning on participating. MASTERCUP.8 is scheduled to take place in Odaiba, Tokyo on November 22nd.

Entry Period: 31st of August, 2015 0:00 ~ 24th of October 2015 23:59

Entry form page:


MASTERCUP.8 PV 1 - Tekken Combo Meister x MASTERCUP

MASTERCUP.8 is slowly creeping up on the calender and with it comes Japan's first major MASTERCUP tournament. The first Promotional Video for the tournament features Tekken 7 combos conducted by several Japanese players like Fuuchikurin, Kawauso, STL & Payopayo who you might remember from their YouTube channels. MASTERCUP.8 is taking place in Tokyo's Leisureland Pallete Town venue in Odaiba this year and you can look forward to participating and watching the stream for the tournament come this November 22nd!

Fuuchikurin channel ≫

Kawauso Channel ≫

STL's channel ≫

Payopayo's channel ≫

MASTERCUP EC channel ≫

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