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Yamasa's 'Tekken 4' Slot Machine is Tekken 7-themed

Not to be confused with Tekken 4, the next Tekken Slot Machine from Yamasa will be featuring characters and visuals from Tekken 7. Yamasa has long been collaborating with Bandai Namco on the Tekken series and 'Tekken 4' is the latest in their line of Pachi-Slot machines. Yamasa's Tekken 4 is currently slated to hit Japanese pachinko parlours on the 21st of July. You can watch the promotional video for it over on the teaser website:

YAMASA TEKKEN 4 Teaser Site  ≫

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Premium PV Unveiled for Japanese 5on5 T7FR Tournament - MASTERCUP.9

MASTERCUP.9 is inching closer and closer this month! The 5on5 Japanese Tekken 7 Fated Retribution team tournament brings together the world's largest amount of Tekken players to champion the strongest Tekken team on the planet. As of right now, registration numbers for the tournament total a staggering 207 teams of 5 players entered resulting with 1035 players expected to come out to Tokyo, Japan to battle it out. MASTERCUP.9 is once again going to broadcast the event live on Twitch with commentary so this is an event to not miss out on when the festivities start. Check out the new Premium Promotional Video released for the event starring the voice of Fumihiko Tachiki (VA who voices Japanese Pride fight videos) which offers a glimpse of the passion and energy in MASTERCUP events. For more details on MASTERCUP like registration, location and even cosplay and Harada T-shirt signing schedules, check out the official home page:


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Premium PV Released for Japanese 5on5 Tekken 7 Tournament - MASTERCUP.8

MASTERCUP.8 returns this year on November 22nd and as usual, the latest PV for the tournament has been released! The PV features commentary by Fumihiko Tachiki and looks back at all the previous MASTERCUPs that lead up to the big tournament this year. MASTERCUP.8 will take place in Odaiba, Tokyo next month and just to remind everyone, tournament sign-ups for the event end this Saturday 24th of Oct in Japan so time is short if you want to make plans to attend. You can check out the PV on the Mastercup YouTube channel here:


In other news, a Korean team has finally entered MASTERCUP.8! The team comprises of the following players:

This team will participate in the tournament alongside the team that wins the tournament in Green Arcade on Oct 24. You can take a look at the massive list of team entered into the tournament here.

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MASTERCUP.7 Second PV and Korean Team

Check it out, the 'Highest speak' of the tekken world is only a few months away. MASTERCUP put out the second PV for the upcoming tournament which gives you a more up close look at how big and packed the MASTERCUP tournaments are. Alongside the PV, MASTERCUP.7 is also getting another Korean team entered: Team No. #83 'YEONI' which has Moq (Bob/Armor King), Yeoni (Devil Jin/Lars), Kkokkoma (Devil Jin/Lars), Alzzang (Ogre/Jinpachi) & BPlus (Eddy/Christie) entering the tournament from Korea. More details on the tournament to come in the near future.

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