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Yamasa's 'Tekken 4' Slot Machine is Tekken 7-themed

Not to be confused with Tekken 4, the next Tekken Slot Machine from Yamasa will be featuring characters and visuals from Tekken 7. Yamasa has long been collaborating with Bandai Namco on the Tekken series and 'Tekken 4' is the latest in their line of Pachi-Slot machines. Yamasa's Tekken 4 is currently slated to hit Japanese pachinko parlours on the 21st of July. You can watch the promotional video for it over on the teaser website:

YAMASA TEKKEN 4 Teaser Site  ≫

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Yamasa Pachi-slot Tekken 3rd Angel Version PV

The Tekken series is getting another collaboration Pachislot machine with Yamasa. It's a pachislot machine so it's pretty much a Japan only slot machine that most of us here will never probably touch. The promotional video for Tekken 3rd Angel Version is up for viewing on pipocom1's YouTube channel so there's something to look at in the least if you like Angel I guess. Yamasa's Tekken 3rd Angel version is the 6th Pachi-slot machine for the Tekken franchise after Tekken R (2004), Tekken X (2006), Tekken 2nd (2012), Tekken Devil Version (2012) & Tekken 3rd (2014). According to Mode 1's blog, delivery of 5000 Tekken 3rd Angel Ver machines to casinos is scheduled for the 6th of March this year.

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