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Tekken 7 - Over an Hour of Furumizu Footage from the Oslo Batting Center

There's currently plenty of sources to look for when it comes to direct feed footage of Tekken 7 - Multiple arcades in Japan like Guntama's Miracle In arcade, Gao's Game Plaza, Akihabara's Leisure Land and also Knee's Tekken 7 stream from the KMBOX branch in South Korea. The Oslo's Batting Centre which is in Tokyo's Tachikawa region looks to join this list since there's now been efforts to record matches from there. Just to give some background on the place, it's primarily a place to take rounds batting in a steel cage but it also houses multiple Tekken 7 cabs for people to play. This place is more well known for players like Deku (Ryo), Mister, Furumizu and more going in there to take advantage of the cheaper game credits per Yen in the place (It's 50 yen per game in here as opposed to the usual 100 yen.) The first recorded piece of recorded T7 footage from the batting center is Furumizu (Paul) doing online matches against a high ranked Law and Feng player. If there's more footage to come out of this place, you can find them all on the masatoshi1102 YouTube channel.

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