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Tekken 7's Pre-Order DLC Character Eliza is Paid DLC 30 Days After Launch

Minor update on the pre-order Character Eliza for Tekken 7. Taken from an official response from the Tekken FaceBook page, we're told that Eliza will specifically be available 30 days after the game launches. That seems standard for other pre-order fighting game characters in other games but it is now there in writing. If you consider the timeframe of release, that should roughly make her available to everyone that didn't pre-order the game 2 weeks before EVO 2017. As mentioned in the fine print on Eliza's promotional image, she's a paid DLC character so if you want to get your hands on the character without paying extra, pre-order Tekken 7.

FaceBook URL ≫

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Eliza Officially Revealed as a Pre-Order Character for Tekken 7

The details were true. Pre-order Tekken 7 and get yourself access to the character Eliza when you pick up your copy of the game on June 2nd. Eliza character images inside.

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US-ONLY: 15% Off Tekken 7 Pre-Order at Amazon

An interesting deal popped up today for people in the US. Amazon is right now shaving 15% off the full $60 price tag of Tekken 7 to anyone pre-ordering the game. No one knows how long the deal will last but this is a good chance for US gamers to get $9 off the initial price. I'm not sure what sort of pre-order bonuses will appear later on for those interested but you can always cancel your pre-order if something more intersting comes that tickles your fancy appear in the future. Links are below

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