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Tekken Revolution Soundtrack Coming Out On Feb 27

SuperSweep Records recently announced on a livestream that they plan to release Tekken Revolution's official Soundtrack on a 2 disc CD set on February 27. It was also mentioned on that livestream that SuperSweep will also be releasing Tekken 7's official soundtrack soon in the future. We have details for Tekken Revolution's soundtrack for now but you can expect Tekken 7's OST details to come in the near future. You can pre-order TR's soundtrack right now on SuperSweep's website.

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CR Tekken Theme Song Album "KO.BU.SHI ~Tekken~"

Happen to be a big fan of the recently released Tekken Pachinko game titled CR鉄拳? You're in luck seeing as Lantis have just released the theme song album which contains music used in the Pachinko machine. The album contains 8 vocal tracks performed by various artists like Steven McNair, Faylan, Hironobu Kageyama and is being sold for 2500 Yen in Japan. You can see short version previews of various tracks from the album embedded below courtesy of Lantis' YouTube channel.

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