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Combo Breaker 2016 | Fighting Game Tournament on May 27-29

Taking place this weekend in St. Charles Illinois is Combo Breaker 2016. A notable fighting game event in the Midwest which recently announced over 1000 participants scattered across over 20 games. For the Tekken series, it's part of the Tekken Tour with a Tekken 7 tournament, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution is available to playtest, a Tekken (3) Ball tournament is being organised and finally a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 side tournament. Schedule, pools, live stream info and more are now up and available for viewing. Don't miss out of any of the Tekken action this weekend!

Combo Breaker ≫

TEKKEN Twitch stream ≫

TTT2 side tournament stream ≫

Pools ≫

Schedule (acekingoffsuit) ≫


Tekken Ball Championship Match - ILOVEYOURMOMS Tournament Archive

T3 Tekken Ball Champion Rickstah and TTT2 Teken Ball Champion BL battled to unify their belts and declare the undisputed champion of Tekken Ball mode. The last time we got this gem as the result, see yesterday's match in the vid below. Thank you to IEBattlegrounds for streaming.

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